Client: Hardware store Mister Stroyko

Date: September 2008

Warranty: 3 years

Type: Flexible face signs

Illumination: G.O.Q. LED modules

City: Kazanlak

Hardware store “Mister Stroyko” is the place where you can find all types of tools, accessories, and construction materials, is located in Kazanluk.

Mister Stroyko was branded with illuminated flexible face sign with vinyl

For the manufacture of the sign we used aluminum sign system for the returns and flexible vinyl for the face, combined with translucent 3M Scotchcal 2330-10 film, specifically designed for illuminated signage. These materials have proven multiple times their resistance and reliability.

The aluminum sign system with vinyl allow easy and high-quality assembly of different corner signs, since they are large and hard to mount. With its flexibility, you can create attractive advertising installations. The background of the sign is red which makes the ad graphic stand out better. The logo is presented by an cartoon that adds more creativity to the sign. Thus, we achieved attractive sign that represents the entire advertising idea.

Energy saving illumination technology

Important features of the LED lights are the quality, longevity, and energy consumption. That is why we chose G.O.Q. LED.
The precise assembly of the sign, the correct materials and assembly technology, guarantee the long-term durability of the ad. The entire installation is backed with 3 year full warranty, but can last much longer. The ad was manufactured in 2008, and since then it continues to be brightly illuminated.

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