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Advertising totems

Are usually installed on green and pedestrian areas, where they can be seen even from great distance. In almost 100% of cases, the totems are illuminated. It is guaranteed that they will grab the attention of the audience. For illumination, we use LEDs to save you money from electricity costs.

These advertising products are used not only as outdoor advertising but also as indoor. Illuminated and non-illuminated totems are suitable for location indication, promotional offers, listing activities and products, and others. Due to their outstanding appearance and high durability, totems are widely used for oil stations, signboards for pubs, shops, office buildings, and more.

Media Design manufactures illuminated and non-illuminated totems with various forms and different designs.
The main advantages of the totems are:

The signage that will give you peace of mind for a long time

Illuminated and non-illuminated totems are made with metal structure, resisting rain, snow, and wind. For this type of project for outdoor signage, we use high-quality materials with excellent strength, stability, and endurance for years to come. Totems are made with stainless steel profiles, their maintenance-free will keep your tranquillity. The entire process – from designing to installation, is controlled so we could meet your deadlines. Every detail is perfectly done and this creates a superb appearance of the final product and its seamless work.

There are few options for the totem’s production – flexible substrate or acryl, in combination with aluminum profiles or composite panel. Media Design covers all types of totems with up to a 5-year full warranty.

Illuminated advertising totem for Petrol Station Impuls

Totems for oil stations

Illuminated totems on the oil station‘s entrance is obligatory advertising element. They give a signal for the location and attract people’s attention from great distance. On oil station totems are marked the oil prices, company name, the accessibility to shops. coffee. parking, phone and etc.  All totems at Media Design are made with highly resisting materials – composite panel, aluminum, acrylic, led and others.

Relatively large sizes

The average height is between 3 and 6 meters, so the illumination of the totem is of great importance. It is recommended to install LED illumination, which, on one hand is the most economical in terms of electricity consumption, and on the other is the safest illumination. Leds have long life cycle with no risk of sudden fires. This could be crucial for the oil  stations, taking into account that there are fuels nearby. advertising totems with leds can save you up to 85% energy which reduces the electricity bills to up to 8 times compared to the luminescent lamps.

Free standing signs

Media Design creates non-standard totems and free standing signs projects for the crowded urban environment.The design team take care of our clients to be satisfied and offers them creative plan how to attract potential customers.We do illuminated and non-illuminated totems and free standing signs in various shapes. If the totem or the free standing sign indicates direction, it can be formed in the shape of an arrow that points to a restaurant, shop or hotel. In the big shopping centers, the information totems are use to orientate the customers. Usually they are installed on the ground floor next to the entrances.

The materials for totems manufacturing are with guaranteed quality and time resistant. Mostly, we use composite panel, aluminum profiles, 3M flexible substrate and films, acrylic. The production of advertising products at Media Design meets all BAPRIE standards. This guarantees the high-quality services for all our clients.

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