“AIT” has over 20 years of experience in the field of international land transport. The company is a leader in the express delivery of goods and is a preferred partner of large international companies. It operates on the territory of the whole of Europe, as well as Turkey – Bulgaria courses.

The company turned to Advertising Agency Media Design for the production of a totem to be installed in front of their Operational center in Dolni Bogrov.

Double-sided illuminated totem for AIT

The advertising totem is made of metal construction with Etalbond, illuminated signs and illuminated channel letters AIT. Our team used the popular aluminum system to create the signs: for the face was used 3M Panagraphics III vinyl canvas, the inscriptions is made from 3M Scotchcal 2330 PVC film and the illumination is performed with safe and reliable LED modules with a Samsung chip.

AIT channel letters are made with aluminum pages and a white plexiglass face. This system is highly durable as the aluminum does not corrode and after years looks excellent without any signs of weathering. We used again modules from the Korean manufacturer G.O.Q LED to illuminate the letters.

How does the totem affect the company image?

Due to their impressive size and elegant appearance, advertising totems are widely used to indicate business buildings, gas stations, hotels, as restaurant signs and more.

This type of outdoor advertising successfully attracts the attention of passers-by and cannot be missed. Advertising agency Media Design also executes non-standard projects for totems in such an oversaturated urban environment. Our experienced team of designers ensures that the client receives a promotional product with an attractive design that serves as a business card for his business.

Client:  AIT

Date: june 2022

Warranty: 3 years

City: Dolni Bogrov