Wrapping doors, walls and furniture is one of the most cheap and effective way of advertising. Applying the self-adhesive film turned to be the required element for advertising in almost any business. That highlights the corporate identity and gives brand new design on the used worn door, desk, wall, etc. That’s how any old furniture can look like a brand new one.

Wrapped doors, furniture’s, walls and any object has always been the preferred ways of advertising. Whether you want to advertise or just to give a new design, vision and appearance of the furniture or door, it will always look new and stunning. Renovate and decorate your furniture and any interior or exterior furniture – walls, ceilings, columns, doors, elevators, etc. We offer a wide variety of color palettes and different designs and different textures, even fake textures of natural materials such as wood, metal, stone and leather which help to create spectacular interior decorations and wrapping. Our covering and wrapping system for self-adhesive film and our experienced professional team ensures that it will be glued, covered and wrapped “without bubbles”.

Wrapping Furniture's
Covered windows and joinery with self-adhesive film
Wrapping walls with self-adhesive film
Covering and wrapping windows with vinyl
Are they suitable for using?

The films that we use are strong, long-lasting and high-quality. That means, even when cleaning with water, they will not peel off or break. The colors can also be different, because we offer wide variety of palettes. Wood or steel, marble or natural stone, leather or solid color and textiles, whatever you can think of. This way of using is also recommended if you search for easy, cheap and fast change of the company identity.

How much does it costs?

Wrapping doors or furniture with self adhesive film is always preferable if you search for cheaper way. The item turns out like new, giving a completely changed look and feel, without the need to spend a large amount of money. It comes cheap, fast and effective. This makes it a very suitable and preferable choice if you don’t have a huge budget.

Creative ideas for wrapping doors and walls

The design and the overall look affect the trust created in your business, establishing the brand and the message that goes to your consumers. It doesn’t matter if it is a complete full or partial wrapping, we from advertising agency Media Design will take care for your business to look appropriately and to show your ideas of the company. Our decorative self-adhesive film fits perfectly on any door in your office, shop – store, or even outdoor.

Beautiful and elegant branding on your furniture’s

Our special film, which we use when wrapping furniture’s is water resistant and very tight, it will not peel or damage if you wash it with water. Don’t worry about liquids, our films are strong and durable.

Wrapped vinyl doors - Before and After