Part of an office in Plovdiv was transformed in a modern and attractive way. Advertising agency Media Design contributed to the creation of an authentic design through our professionals, who performed a wall wrapping of the room adjacent to the office with PVC film. The film is high class and is from the proven manufacturer 3M. The interesting thing about it is its velvety texture, which is felt when touched.

Wall wrapping with self-adhesive film

A proven and profitable way to combine advertising with an elegant interior design is the wrapping doors, walls, and furniture with self-adhesive film. The advantages are many, one of them is the opportunity to express your business individual style to the world. Another advantage is the fact that wrapping with film extends the life of any piece of furniture, making it look brand new. It’s quick, easy and certainly cheaper than investing in new furniture.

What are the options?

Advertising agency Media Design offers its clients a wide variety of colors and different designs with textures that mimic natural materials such as wood, metal, stone, and leather. They are a great way to create spectacular decorations. We have quality materials and trained staff who have the necessary skills to install the self-adhesive film. So the dream interior design is just a step away from you.

Client: Plovdiv24

Date: November 2020

Warranty: –

City: Plovdiv