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Media Design Advertising agency performs overall hotel branding. We create exclusive products that add elegance and style, according to the established company standards. The presence of hotel signs is a recommended element in branding, but we can offer many more creative and exclusive ideas for enriching your advertising. As professionals with over 25 years of experience, we have the necessary knowledge and capabilities to prepare individual, stylish, and thematic outdoor advertising for a hotel. It is little known, for example, that in addition to the standard hotel signs and channel letters, a good and practical solution is to create a totem. We strive to manufacture advertising products that both fit into the architecture of the building and give a luxurious emphasis on the overall vision.

Hotel branding - Media Design, hotel channel letters

Outdoor advertising for a hotel

Hotel Totem
Interior sign

When branding hotels, one of the first things we create is illuminated or non-illuminated, eye-catching channel letters. We strive to achieve a vision that is suitable for your goals. The design and overall look vary according to your wishes. It is possible to make letters entirely from Plexiglas, stainless steel, through a system of Plexiglas and aluminum, or create embossed letters that combine two materials, the combinations are Plexiglas with stainless steel or PVC film.

Hotel sign for proper visual communication and safety

In addition to outdoor advertising, our team can take care of the overall interior branding. We make interior inscriptions and letters to indicate the main hotel parts such as reception, lobby bar, gym, spa, internet corner, and others.

We also produce hotel signs that help visual communication throughout the building. They help both staff and guests. Examples are the engraved metal plates or signs with room numbers. Safety signs and interior signs have many applications, they are an important element when branding a hotel.

Hotel channel letters, black acrylic letters

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Illuminated sign room numebers

Evacuation signs for a hotel

The evacuation scheme is a mandatory part of the equipment of every building. It must be clear, legible, and comprehensible so as not to cause confusion in a potential emergency. Unfortunately, it is often noticed that the evacuation signs on the various sites are worn, or peeled. Advertising Agency Media Design creates this type of sign from plexiglass and PVC film graphics. The finished products are not only beautiful but also practical with a long service life.

As time-proven professionals, we pay attention even to the smallest details. We produce warning signs such as “No smoking” or “Protected site”.

Designer lamps
Engraved metal plates for a hotel

Creative ideas for every taste

Even when it comes to lighting in hotel branding, we can also implement more extravagant ideas. These lamps are created with strong metal construction, Plexiglas face, and LED modules. LED lighting is proven to be the most economical technology on the market so far. It saves up to 85 percent of electricity costs. Diodes are 8 to 10 times more efficient than fluorescent lamps and are guaranteed to be safe. In addition, they can be created especially for your building to match the established style in the interior or exterior of the hotel.

Hotel branding, channel letters for hotels, hotel signs
Hotel branding, channel letters for hotels

Why to choose Media Design Advertising agency

We have experienced professionals, high-quality materials, and a professional workshop, which are the basis of our success. We are not afraid to be innovators in hotel branding and to create products that no one else succeeds in. Our main mission is to recreate the spirit of quality service and high company standards in beautiful and elegant advertising products such as channel letters and signs, advertising totems, interior hotel signs, and designer individual products. All this, in turn, contributes to the comfort of guests.