New stylish look with painted illuminated letters for restaurant Leipzig

Located in the heart of Plovdiv, Hotel Leipzig attracts with its luxury, ideal location, and quality service. The hotel is a few minutes away from the city’s main street and is also between several important transport points. The Old Town, Alyosha and the many art galleries are just some of the places that are in the immediate vicinity of Leipzig.

The Hotel Leipzig has a restaurant and bar that can satisfy even the most demanding guests. The hotel restaurant is not only a place to relax and have a nice lunch, it also has 4 conference rooms. They are of different sizes – the smallest is the VIP hall “Schiller” with 12 seats. The largest, Mendelssohn, has a capacity of 200 seats – and is ideal for celebrating weddings, corporate celebrations, balls or cocktails.

The Leipzig restaurant is a natural continuation of the classy hotel, and the advertising sign on it radiates the feeling of a pleasant experience in a cozy atmosphere.

Painted Illuminated inox channel letters

In addition to the high standards and requirements of the hotel, we mounted painted illuminated channel letters above the restaurant through stable metal spacers. We made the inscription from stainless steel and painted it with red car paint.

The advantages of stainless steel, such as its strength and durability, make it suitable for this type of external branding. Car paint also plays a big role for the durability of outdoor advertising. Applied on the stainless steel, it keeps the appearance of the inscription unchanged for as long as possible.

The letters painted in red have backlighting, which contributes to the representativeness and vision of the luxury restaurant, even in the dark part of the day. The G.O.Q LEDs used for the advertisement add aesthetics and finesse to the Leipzig restaurant and maintain the high image of the brand.

Client:  Restaurant Leipzig

Date:  July 2017

Warranty: 3 years

City: Plovdiv