Media Design offers a wide range of advertising for site branding – illuminated and non-illuminated signs, flexible substrate with attractive advertising graphics, and films. Interior branding became very popular and is increasingly asked by pubs, shops, offices, and hotels. Luminous and non-illuminated letters of stainless steel or acryl can represent in a stylish way the image of a company or brand offices. Signs or graphics of films often applied to stores in order to promote products.

Branding Jegerhof Hotel
Branding the Dekom Store
Branding The Sunny Bakery shop
Illuminated sign for Reward Gateway

What do we use for branding?

This type of signage is suitable for branding pubs or stores. At Media Design we produce illuminated and non-illuminated acryl or flexible substrate signs with fine aluminum profiles. Advertising signs for interior design are created for close-up viewing. Thanks to the precise detailed fitting, their excellent appearance is guaranteed. A great advantage is that the brightly-lighted signs create a very pleasant environment for customers.

In the case of the indoor branding, the most frequently used are channel letters with back illuminationletters of inox, or embossed letters. These advertising letters look stylish and fancy, creating the impression of a trusted partner. Refined restaurants and bars, like many companies, use branding with advertising letters and a logo to support their image.

Branding advantages

✓ Creating a company identity
✓ Making your business stand out from the rest
✓ Advertising products made of durable and quality materials
✓ Helping visual communication
✓ Warranty for every product

Self- adhesive films signs can be seen on almost every storefront. Usually, they are used to promote up-to-date product promotions. Signs and film graphics send a message to the audience in a creative and attractive way, thanks to the more original designs. In addition to attracting attention, film advertising is affordable, they can be produced rapidly and are lasting. They are even recommended for branding places that often change the look of their showcases because the film can be removed quickly and easily replaced with a new one.

A cheaper alternative to indoor advertising signs is advertising flexible substrate. Most commonly, the graphics printed on them represent products and trademarks. To make flexible substrate advertising, we use 3M Panagraphics vinyl, with excellent print quality. They are often used for branding the interior of pubs and shops.

Complex Sila - Plovdiv, branding
Expert Doors - Ruse, Branding

Wide range of advertising films

Media Design Media is an authorized manufacturer of world leader 3M. When branding with advertising signs and graphics, Media Design uses only 3M films: cutting and printing films, translucent films, vitreous films, reflective films, lamination films, protecting and shading films, textured architectural films and more.

The purpose of each signage determines the type of self-adhesive film. It is important to know where signage will put, whether it will be placed outside or inside, will there be any additional effect. For matting windows and glasses, a specialized stained-glass film is used – textured, with different effects, or printed.

When wrapping illuminated signage– signs, channel letters, and totems – a polymer translucent film is glued, which does not change its color when lit. 3M self-adhesive film is chosen according to the specificity of each project which gives an additional guarantee for the strength, durability, and excellent appearance of signage.

Why should I brand my site?

The branding site catches the eye, makes your business standing out and constantly promotes your brand. The stylish and tematical design makes your clients trust you more.

How much it cost to brand my site?

The site branding can be done with self-adhesive films, advertising flexible substrate, interior and exterior signs, and channel letters. Thanks to the wide range of advertising products, you have the opportunity to create an innovative look at your site. The branding price depends on the chosen materials and ways of advertising.

Who can brand my site?

Media Design Advertising Agency has designers that could create an advertising design for your business and a team of professionals with many years of experience in creating and installing all kinds of advertising products.