Al Amar provides exquisite perfumes and aromatic oils with oriental notes of high quality and sophistication. These products are imported from Egypt and other Middle Eastern countries. At Al Amar stores, customers can explore a diverse selection of fragrances that suit every lifestyle. Experience the captivating scents that exude refinement and lasting power.

The company chose Media Design for the overall branding of their store in Mall Markovo Tepe,  Plovdiv. We created an impressive advertising vision of the interior, carrying a sense of luxury and exoticism.

Eye-Catching Entrance – Black Etalbond Sign with Illuminated Letters

We have installed a black Etalbond sign with embossed letters above the store entrance, featuring that represent the Al Amar logo. The channel letters are embedded into the sign and shine forward. They are a “sandwich” of 10 mm plexiglass opal and gold translucent film. The overall appearance of the advertising sign perfectly complements the modern and sophisticated atmosphere of the store.

In addition to their flawless appearance, Etalbond signs are renowned for their durability and reliability. We have installed safe and secure LED lighting to ensure long-term operation.

Interior signs with embossed letters for the perfume brands

A highlight of the interior design is the non-luminous composite panel signs. They are with black base and white channel letters with the brands offered in the store for contrast and a stylish look. Perfume brands are PVC letters and the rest of the inscriptions are made of white film. Signs are installed above the racks of perfumes and oils, pointing to the specific brands. This interior advertisement helps create the look of a luxury store.

Make Your Brand Stand Out

The final touch for a fully-realized advertising appearance within the perfume store interior is the addition of embossed letters. These channel letters are a combination of plexiglass and film. They are placed on two of the walls in the store, beside the interior signs with the perfume brands. This type of channel letters has the advantage of being lightweight and self-adhesive, making it easy to install even by those without experience. The embossed letters serve as an ideal form of visual advertising.

Client: Al Amar perfume store

Date: November 2022

Warranty: 3 years

City: Plovdiv