We will bring your advertising concepts to life with a palette of rich and vibrant colors

Media Design Advertising Agency excels in delivering top-notch full-color solvent printing across various mediums, leveraging the exceptional capabilities of the Epson SureColor S80610 printer. With this powerful printer, we can create everything from simple signage to high-end displays and interior decorations, all with a high image resolution of 1440 dpi.

Epson SureColor S80610 ensures easy and high-speed printing on diverse substrates: self-adhesive film, vinyl, canvas, wallpaper, photo paper, and more. With precision and peak performance at the forefront of innovation, our solvent printer amazes with high-quality prints up to 162.6 cm. Featuring a spectrum of 10 ink colors, including red, orange, white and metallic gray, it guarantee lively and intense colors that breathe life into your advertising concepts.

Extreme precise and accurate printing for unmatched quality

The Epson SureColor S80610 delivers printing with unrivalled accuracy thanks to its intelligent substrate handling system. It uses an advanced auto-tension control system ( AD-ATC ) that moves wide-diameter rolls at a constant pitch, regardless of their weight. Its anti-static flexible pressure rollers help to optimise grip feed and accuracy.

Using the latest generation dual Epson PrecisionCore TFP printheads working in tandem with the advanced formulation of fast-drying UltraChrome GS3 with Red inks, the S80610 printer produces outstanding graphics with superb colours and clarity. Reproduces up to 98.2% of PANTONE Solid Coated Colours using the PANTONE MATCHING SYSTEM® evaluated and certified by Pantone. Imporving the quality on a range of substrates is possible thanks to Epson Precision Dot™ highquality mode, which it maximize file rasterization for image detail, smooth transitions and intense colors.

Excellent performance

Employing a smart automated printhead cleaning mechanism, the printer delicately eliminates dried ink and external contaminants, enhancing productivity and quality by preventing the reuse of cleaning agents. This process ensures a clean surface on nozzles and heads. Moreover, the Epson SureColor S80610 is equipped with an ink mist collection system for added efficiency.

Efficient ink consumption is observed when producing intense color images covering the entire print area. The use of UltraChrome® GS3 quick-drying inks ensures printed graphics are completely dry, ready for immediate lamination and same-day mounting. These technological enhancements contribute to consistent printing and continuous operation, enabling Media Design to deliver quality advertisements to clients promptly.

Advertising graphics with 3M™ MCS™ Warranty

Epson-3M UltraChrome® GS3 Inks, co-developed with 3M, are designed for use in Epson’s advanced SureColor® S-Series solvent printers. As a 3M authorized manufacturer, Media Design works exclusively with 3M materials (vinyl films, laminates, application tapes). By introducing an Epson SureColor S80610 printer into the production process, which is working with 3M approved inks for superor quality full-color printing, we meet all 3M requirements for issuing the 3M™ MCS™ Warranty for finished graphics. Rest assured that you are receiving the most extensive warranty in the industry, providing you with the peace of mind you require throughout the entire warranty period.