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Typical application

януари 1, 2019

Suitable for all types of signs and channel letters

The technology by which the G.O.Q. LED modules are designed is compatible with any illuminated signage. Thanks to their design, channel letter do not even need to be illuminated. G.O.Q.LED modules guarantee safe and durable installations. They prolong the life of the advertising installations.

януари 1, 2019
януари 1, 2019

Big signs and channel letters

When we talk about big advertising installations the cost-effectiveness is highly important. In this case, the LED lighting is preferable, because it lowers the consumption of electricity by 8 times.

януари 1, 2019
януари 1, 2019

Mountings on hard-to-reach spots

G.O.Q. LED can illuminate for 6-7 years straight. They save from electricity costs and maintenance for the signs. This feature is extremely important for hard-to-reach spots since they complicate the maintenance of the installation.

януари 1, 2019
януари 1, 2019

Places with low-voltage electrical installations

Illuminated signs with LED lighting, that is mounted to the installation that cannot receive high-voltage, are the perfect solution. The low electricity consumption by the G.O.Q. LED guarantee effective illumination even for low-voltage installations.

януари 1, 2019

The biggest advantages

януари 1, 2019

Low maintenance

Within the warranty period, you do not need to change the LED lighting of the signs, while the luminescent lighting requires to be changed every 3 or 4 years. The technology of the G.O.Q. LED modules prolong their life with at least 3 years, which also lowers the maintenance expenses.

януари 1, 2019
януари 1, 2019

High-quality technology

The bright illumination of the G.O.Q. LED modules, designed with Samsung™ chip, is the same as the one created by the luminescent lamps, but much more cost-effective and long-lasting. The original Korean elements for manufacturing illuminated sings and channel letters have nothing in common with the Chinese, more recognizable LEDs on the market. Unfortunately, low-quality products label all diodes and reflect on the customer’s choice.

януари 1, 2019
януари 1, 2019

Low risk explorations

The G.O.Q. LED technology guarantees safety. The LEDs are in a chain of 12V power supplies, which lowers the chances of spontaneous firebreak. That is a big advantage, given the fact all of the recent firebreaks caused by illuminated signage in Bulgaria.

януари 1, 2019

G.O.Q. LED diodes – 85% cost-effective

The LED lighting is 5-10 times more effective in comparison with the luminescent lamps, bulbs, halogen lamps, and others. In Media Design we choose the new energy effective solutions for illuminated signs and channel letters. For the past 7 years, we have been using G.O.Q. LED modules with the best quality/price ratio.

A simple scheme, that shows how effective the LED diodes are:

Example of an illuminated sing with measurements 1 x 5 meters

Sing with luminescent lightingSing with LED lighting
Energy cost per hour1000 W/H
Average electricity cost:
0,10 €./kW h.
Cost per hour: 0,10 €
120 W/H
Average electricity cost:
0,10 €/kW h.
Cost per hour: 0,012 €
Working time for 1 year365 days * 8 hours
2920 working hours per year
365 days * 8 hours
2920 working hours per year
Cost in Euros for a year299.00 €/year36.00 €./year
With the given calculations you could see that the LED lighting is much more cost effective than any standard illumination methods.

Higher cost – lower expenses

The manufacturing of a sing with luminescent lighting costs about 665.00€, as the option with LEDs is 255.00 € more expensive. By purchasing LEDs you make the best possible investment. The first initial difference in the price is returnable in the first year, during the 4 years full warranty period you save 3 times of the purchase of any additional materials. The LED sings save more electricity and justify the difference in the price.

Keep in mind the cost effectiveness of the LED signs, since electricity prices often increase.