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For more than 20 years, advertising agency Media Design is an authorized manufacturer of digitally printed graphics made with 3M Graphic Products. Since 1997, we use graphic materials by the American company in 99% of our projects.

As a leader in the world of innovations, 3M stands behind many products – most of which we use on a daily basis. From inventing the abrasive in the beginning of the 20th century, through the well established standard of the Scotch and DuckTape, to the domination of the Post-its in the end of the century. In the manufacturing of self-adhesive film, there are literally no innovative products that does not originate from 3M. An interesting fact is that 3M invented the first retro-reflective film, regardless of the fact that their patent expired a few years ago, most road signs are made with that particular product.

Media Design - Certificate 3M Qualified Manufacturer

Media Design - 3M authorized manufacture of digitally printed graphics by 3M

Thanks to their high-quality products, the illuminated and non-illuminated signs, channel letters, totems, store and vehicle branding, manufactured by us, guarantee quality and long-term durability. The use of film, vinyl, and other innovative advertising materials, by the leader in this industry, is the key feature behind the excellent characteristics of our advertising installations. Our employers are trained to work with materials manufactured by 3M. This is yet another reason for their good visual appearance and their quality.

For example, 3M self-adhesive film for printing and cutting, as well as vinyls are the perfect solution for illuminated and non-illuminated signs, billboards for retail shops, offices, channel letters, and many more. For transforming offices we offer 3M architectural wall and glass graphics – fresh ideas for walls and glass facades and partitions. For company vehicle branding we use quality polymeric films 3M Scotchcal series, 3M polymeric and cast films for printed graphics or double-cast 3M Car Wrap Film for full wrap, which are high-resistant and offers great durability.

3M MCS warranty

All printing graphics advertisements, manufactured by Media Design entirely with 3M products and inks from their approved partners are backed in 3M™ MCS™ Warranty.