Practical acrylic products for your advertising

Media Design produces a wide range of acrylic and other plastics products. The entire manufacturing process of acrylic products is in line with the standards and requirements for this production. Media Design has a separate workshop equipped with machines and tools for processing all types of plastics. The team of professionals has great experience in this highly profiled activity. This allows for the realization of project with variety of complex designs for acrylic advertising products such as: product shelves, brochure displays, donation boxes, room numbers, information signs, badges, jewelery boxes, and others.

Our specialists in the production of acrylic products work with a wide diversity of quality materials – acryl, PVC and other types of plastics. With this rich selection of colors and materials, we can fulfil your needs for luxury items, and to satisfy evn the most sophisticated taste. We strive to provide our customers with quality advertising products at affordable prices.

Original representation of your products

Undoubtedly, the most important thing about attracting customers’ attention is the presentaion of the product. In addition to billboard ads, car wrapping and branding, effective way to present products is the use of acrylic advertising products. Customers notice even the smallest details when they are stylish and qualitative. For example, if a new cosmetic product is presented and placed on a shelf in the store, it will be hardly noticeable. However, if this product is placed on a branded advertising shelf with an beautiful design, it will surely make an impression.

The Media Design relies on original and at the same time practical acrylic products for advertising to attract more customers and thus to increase the sales of the advertised product. For us, the end result of the ad is a successful advertising campaign for our customers.

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