FAT Ltd. is one of the leading manufacturers of composite kitchen sinks in Bulgaria. For the presentation of one of its series of high-quality materials FATGRANIT, the company assigned to us the project to make a design and create a special acrylic sample device.

Practical product, easy to use

The acrylic sample device serves as a prototype of the colors for one of the sink materials. The design and materials for making the product are tailored to the specific size and weight of the samples.

The advertising-presentation device consists of two parts – an acrylic lid with sample holes and a complex stand. The cover of the device is made of black acrylic, on which the FAT logo and advertising signs are placed. The logo is a silicone sticker, and the FAGRANITE sign and www.fat-bg.com color sinks are printed on film.

An advantage of FAT acrylic sample device is the sliding lid, which can quickly and easily take or replace samples of the material. The FAGRANITE blocks are placed in the boxes that are made in their size. The stand of this acrylic sample device is a two-color comatex – white and black. Stable and designed to withstand the weight of the granite material.

Convenient and easy to use, this acrylic product is a very practical option for presenting products.

Attractive product representation with the acrylic sample device

As a firm with established positions in its industry, FAT has high requirements for the way its products are represented. Accordingly to their needs, we created a quality and attractive advertising product that will display in the best way FAGRANIT – the highest class of FAT kitchen sink materials. The acrylic sample device, made by us, is stylish, luxurious and impressive.

Promotional custom items like this contribute to improving the brand awareness of the companies. It can be said that customers feel a personal attitude through such a presentation. Products such as the particular acrylic sample device testify to the reliability of the company as well as the quality of the products.

Client:  FAT Ltd

Date:  August 2015


Location: Plovdiv