Acrylic advertisement has always been wonderful choice as far as outdoor and indoor advertising is concerned. The price, size and the final products has always met even the highest expectations. As you may know from the standard way of stretching the acrylic canvas with elastic ropes or by hand — we offer something completely different.

Lucya acrylic adverts
Aquapark acrylic ads
Signs for Bulteks99 with acrylic
Acrylic sign for Sony

Special license for acrylic stretching system

Our acrylic advertisements are with special aluminum profiles and a licensed system for stretching with aluminum clips. The whole advert can be opened/closed with a stylish aluminum caps. Since it stays stretched it creates an illusion, that looks like a sign made of solid materials, while in fact, it is acrylic. The result is great because of this type of advertising. The stretched acrylic is not affected by wind, which protects it from tearing and damaging the advertisement. We use quality acrylic canvas from the proven manufacturers on the market 3M.

Weather conditions are not a problem for our acrylic advertisements

Our durable, aesthetic, and efficient advertising signs are designed to work in the often changing weather conditions for the regions. Our advertising system is designed in a way, so we can make signs, without any limitations in the size you ordered. Whether you want one very big sign or a few small acrylic adverts – our experienced professionals will deliver your order on time. And the quality will again be unsurpassed, as you expect.

You want to change the advertising look, sign, or acrylic advert for your business? Our professionals can change or repair the advert on the spot. That happens fast and easy for our skilled team of professionals because it is not necessary to disassemble the sign itself. The durable aluminum profile and the easy change of the acrylic canvas, guarantee long-lasting life of the acrylic advertisements. We from advertising agency Media Design will take care of your advertising look and vision.

Do i have to use acrylic ads and is this right for my business?

Our licensed system from aluminum profiles, which we use for the production of non-illuminated advertising signs with acrylic, allows easy and fast change of your old advertising. That’s why we need new special clips for the acrylic, so that the acrylic can be stretched again. That makes the replacement of this type of ads more expensive, We recommend — If you have a billboard, that needs to be replaced 1 or 2 times a year, you can choose our system for acrylic ads. In that case, they really are a pretty great choice for your business. If you need a very frequent change of the advertising vision and the faces of the acrylic canvases for your business – we also have something to offer you. Contact us so that we can prepare a personal offer for you and make the best and optimal decision for your business.

What are acrylic advertisements?

Because we think our aluminum systems and profiles looks great and stretch the acrylic perfectly, our non-illuminated acrylic signs have an excellent look and representativeness. Many people often cannot distinguish them and even confuse our acrylic commercials and think, that the advertisement is made from hard materials, due to our unsurpassed acrylic stretching system. One of the places where it is appropriate to use them is at branding of buildings, information signs or promotional offers, products and product advertising. They are very suitable for ads that can be viewed up close.

How much does acrylic advertisements costs?

The elegant look, functionality and the cheap price of the easily replaceable looks of the acrylic adverts/signs/banners makes them very suitable choice for advertising or any notifying to your customers. They fit perfectly in any interior, as well as in simpler and more elegant ones. They can be suitable for medical institutions, hotels, shops, offices, restaurants, malls and wherever a sophisticated and practical advertising solution or information sign is needed. If you are looking for a budget advertising solution, acrylic ads are a great choice for you.

Check out our finished projects for acrylic advertisement: