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Fabric signs are one of the most cost-effective solutions for outdoor advertising. The cost-to-size ratio is more than good. Unlike the widespread variants for stretching the 

The framework of our flexible substrate is made of a specialized aluminum profile with a patented system for stretching the flexible substrate by aluminum clips. Everything is closed with an elegant aluminum cap. The result is perfectly stretched flexible substrate (most people think the sign is made of hard material). In addition to the aesthetic look of the sign, the stretched vinyl is wind resistant, which prevents it from breaking.

The system is highly profitable for very large signs without any size limitations. Another great advantage is that any subsequent change of the fabric face on the plate is not laborous. It is easy and fast to replace signs visions on the spot without removing the sign itself.

The durable aluminum profile and the easy change of fabric faces ensure a long life of fabric signs produced by Media Design.

When to use the illuminated fabric signs?

When you want a billboard that doesn’t change its vision frequently.

The patented aluminum profile system we use to produce non-illuminated fabric signs allows easy and fast change of vision. However, each shift requires the need for new special clips that stretch the canvas. This slightly increases the cost of the flexible substrate. We recommend the fabric signs that if you have a billboard whose vision changes once or twice a year. In those cases, the fabric signs are an excellent solution.

If you change the vision frequently, do not hesitate to ask us for our solutions.

Vinyl sign with aluminum profiles for Bultex 99
Flexible face sign for Riva Center, Plovdiv

When a sign is seen up close.

The aluminum profiles we use, look very elegant and stretch perfectly the flexible substrate, so they make the non-illuminated fabric signs have a perfect vision. This makes fabric signs very suitable for places that are close to the eyes of the audience.

Some of the most common applications of non-illuminated fabric signs are for branding objects such as information, brand or poduct promotion signs. They can be placed in supermarket, clothing or shoe shops, business buildings, shopping centers, and more.

When you need an elegant indoors sign

In case you need to advertise or simply inform the audience about a product or service, fabric signs are very suitable. Their stylish look and functionality (easy to change visions) make them an unique advertising tool. It fit perfectly into any interior, both simpler and more luxurious.

Useful for the interior of clinics, hotels, shops, offices, restaurants, shopping centers and everywhere where an elegant advertising solution is sought. In these places, signs are usually looked at closely, so even the smallest details make an impression. The non-illuminated fabric signs cover these criteria with the fine and precise fitting of the profiles and a perfectly stretched flexible substrate canvas.


Why to order fabric sign ?

Aluminum profile system combined with flexible substrate define the elegant look of these advertising signs. The profiles are fine, but still stitch the fabric face firmly so that it is stretched to the maximum.

Thanks to the advantages of the materials, fabric signs look perfect even after years of using.

Non-illuminated signs with aluminum structure successfully replace those with metal. Making a panel with an aluminum profile system is preferable because the end result looks much better – an elegant profile and a perfectly stretched flexible substrate. The difference in the price of the final product is minimal and the quality is guaranteed for years to come.

Aluminum profiles make fabric face very light and at the same time convenient for installation. The aluminum structure is very easy to assemble and the flexible substrate stretches on the site. This saves a lot of production time and simplifies the installation of fabric signs.

One of the biggest advantages is the unlimited size of the sign. Advertising signs of any size, even 30-40 square meters, can be produced as flexible substrate rolls with a width of 5 m are used. There is no need for joints as for acrylic sheets.

 Fabric signs projects: