We designed and manufactured outdoor advertising installations for Bultex 99, located in Ruse. We mounted the sign on the facade of the building. Part of them can be rented – for advertising of other firms.

Non-illuminated fabric signs for Bultex 99 Ruse

The fabric signs are designed with aluminum sign systems that are extremely suitable for branding building that can be used for advertising different companies and products.

We used a specialized aluminum sign system for non-illuminated signs for elegant, but in the meantime, durable advertising installations. They allow the vinyl banner to be perfectly stretched and wrinkle-free. The special clamps also provide the opportunity to easily switch and change the advertising message.

For the manufacture of Bultex 99 signs, we used the mentioned above technology – aluminum sign system with 3M Panagraphics III. Each ad is unique, attracting the attention of passers-by design, including the ones meant for renting. To ensure visibility during the night, the owners of Bultex 99 Ruse have mounted lamps over the ads.

We express our gratitude for the individual approach, the realization of our ideas, the correct attitude, the respected deadlines, and the trust we have built as business partners over the years. We will continue to trust the Media Design, which has over 20 years of experience in designing and manufacturing outdoor signage.
Anton Voynov (Bultex 99)

Client: Bultex 99

Date: August 2015

Warranty: 2 years

Location: Ruse