Non-illuminated embossed letters type “sandwich” is made of at least two kinds of materials and are suitable for indoor and outdoor signage. They are effective because they combine the properties of different materials – acrylic, stainless steel, film. And each of them has a wide palette of colors and designs.

The embossed letters we produce as a self-adhesive product, so they can be easily and quickly installed even by non-professionals. Self-adhesive letters are mounted directly on the wall, and it is only necessary to remove the double-sided tread and press it against it. Their manufacturing process is interesting.

Embossed letters - work process
Embossed letters - Joining two types of plexiglass in a letter type "sandwich".
Sandwich letter The face of a letter type "sandwich" white and transparent Plexiglas
Sandwich letters - Embossed channel letters Just Cavalli for Mito store

The secret is the use of special double-sided sheets of the leader in the field of adhesive materials – 3M. Due to the durability of double-sided high temperature, it is cut out laser with the material itself for the letter. This ensures an excellent appearance of the signage and saves a lot of time from the workflow. The ready-to-use self-adhesive parts of the lettering are easily bonded and the bond is of high strength.

There is also a variation where the letters do not stick directly to the wall but they are forwarded. Then the letters are not self-adhesive, but they are fastened with standoffs. With both installation options, the goal is one – focusing on the brand. Embossed channel letters are the cheaper alternative to channel inox letters, but they are just as noticeable and impressive.

When to use embossed letters?

For boutiques and beauty salons

If you want a prestigious look and vision, this type of signage will fit perfectly to your needs. It can be installed in all kinds of modern interiors. Embossed channel letters can be mounted outdoors as well – they are installed over composite panels or other smooth surfaces. They stand out with an excellent aesthetic appearance and are a great addition to the overall outdoor advertising of the shops.

Interior channel letter – Expert Doors
Inox channel letters - Kensol

For branding hotels, clinics, offices

Excellent image advertising to increase the business or brand reputation. The embossed channel letters are very eye-catching, prestigious, and get people’s attention.

They can also display the name and the logo on the information desks or somewhere in the lobby of hotels and clinics. Moreover, they can be used as part of the overall visual communication, for example, to indicate locations of different sectors, rooms or cabinet numbers, etc.

Many companies use them in the interior of their offices, again as part of their image advertising.

Why to order embossed letters?

Easy mounting
We produce embossed channel letters with special technology, so the finished products are self-adhesive. This greatly facilitates both installers and customers themselves. Mounting to a wall, counter or other smooth surface is not at all complicated. All that needs to be done is to remove the double-sided tread on the back and the label is ready for installation. The letters are pressed to the specified place, and the signage is already stuck tight for a long time.
Because they are beautiful and effective
As a result of the perfect incorporation of materials and detailed manufacture, the embossed letters have a fantastic appearance. They are attractive and express the style of the companies – exquisite and elegant. Companies are more likely to attract attention and improve their brand image.

What colors and materials are used for embossed letters?

The 3M films, that are wrapping the embossed channel letters, are offering a wide range of colors with different effects, which makes them very alluring. As a 3M authorized manufacturer, the embossed letters are covered by a 3M MCS  warranty,
The box, where the embossed letters are installed, is made of stainless steel that also has multiple variations for its appearance that you can choose from – mirrored or scratched. Attractive channel letters “sandwich” can also be obtained from the combination of two or more types of acryl with suitable colors.

What are the advantages of embossed letters?

Channel letters made of two or more types of material (embossed) are mostly viewed from a close distance. We are aware of it and that is why we produced them in the tiniest details. The places of sticking are not visible, so the “sandwich” embossed letters are fine and are fitting perfectly.