Elegant and durable illuminated aluminum channel letters

Illuminated acrylic channel letters and aluminum returns are manufactured for big size signage. For letter higher than 80 cm but less than 2 meters, it is compulsory for the returns to be aluminum, as it is more resistant to weather conditions. Usually, they are installed on building roofs or on hard-to-reach places with strong wind.

This system is highly durable and more affordable than the aluminum / flexible substrate system. Aluminum do not rust and time doesn’t change it. The only drawback is that sharp angles and irregular shapes can not be made.

Aluminium channel letters - manufacturing process
Channel letters with aluminium pages - Media Design
Channel letters Alurapid - Media Design
Illuminated aluminium channel letters - Media Design

Illuminated channel letters with a plexiglass face and aluminum pages are made in cases where the letters must be larger. It is mandatory that when the letters are over 80 cm high (but not more than 2 meters) the pages are made of aluminum, so they are much more resistant to weather conditions. They are usually installed on the roofs of buildings or in places to which access is difficult, and where they are exposed to strong winds.

This system is durable because aluminum does not corrode and even after years looks perfect.

Led illumination with high light yield is on more and more affordable prices, and almost fully replace the fluorescent lamps. For more than 7 years, we use LEDs from one of the leading companies on the market, the Koreans G.O.Q. LED. They are known for their very good characteristics and high resistance. For more complex projects or on client’s requests, we offer LEDs from the world-wide leader – the American company SloanLED.

The illumination of the channel letters determines their warranty. Letters with Korean LEDs are covered by a 4-year warranty and a 5-year warranty is given for the American LEDs. In both cases, the life cycle of the channel letters is at least 8-10 years.

When to use illuminated aluminum channel letters?

When the height of the channel letters is between 80 cm and 2 m

Channel letters in between these sizes are made with acrylic face and aluminum returns. They are more rounded than these made entirely from acrylic, but they are stronger.  Letters between 80 cm and 2 m are more profitable than the flexible substrate system, that is why many clients prefer them.

In this case, the face of the channel letters is whole (no splices is needed), as the acrylic sheets are up to 2 m big. There is no danger of future problems such as the formation of joints that endanger the lighting system.

Polo1 - channel letters wuth plexiglas face and aluminium pages
Illuminated aluminium channel letters Apex Service

When you need roof signage

Because of their durability and robustness, aluminum channel letters are often mounted on roofs where you have to take into consideration the wind, the rain and the sun. Illuminated letters with acrylic and aluminum returns guarantee resistance under these busy conditions. The electrical system is well protected, which is a assurance of seamless operation.

The letters with Alurapid are lightweight, their installation is effortless. This makes them very suitable for advertising banks, office buildings, hospitals, hotels – as channel letters are often placed on the roofs.

When you need strong illuminated channel letter on reasonable prices

Illuminated channel letters with acrylic face and ALURAPID returns are a bit heavier than letters with flexible substrate, but they are more price advantageous. No matter that the channel letters are very light, they are very strong and resistant to weather conditions.

In many cases, customers require the installation of letters in high and hard-to-reach locations for which the channel letters are a good option.

Why to order aluminum illuminated channel letters?

Acrylic-faced aluminum channel letters are a great outdoor advertisement for companies from different industries. They are suitable for banks, business buildings, malls, training centers, hotels, pharmacies, and others.
Illuminated letters of aluminum look great and contribute to a good brand image.

Where aluminium letters can be installed?

Lightweight and simplified structure allows installation in difficult to reach and complicated locations.
On roofs, in high places, lighter installation is key. That is why letters of aluminum are often used as advertisements for banks, hotels, clinics, malls where the place of outdoor advertising is right there.

How durable are aluminuim letters?

Aluminum (ALURAPID) channel letters are characterized by high durability and durability. Their fitting is precise and the materials used for making – acryl, aluminum, films, LEDs – are of high quality. This determines their strength for years to come.
Put under severe weather conditions on the top of high facades and roofs, the letters can last a long time. Especially if for the illumination are used LEDs, you are guaranteed peace and almost no maintenance for at least 8 years.