You need ideas for outdoor ads? Media Design can help you

Besides the two major advertising sectors that we work in – signs and channel letters production, we are as well specialized in the totems manufacture, acrylic products, film branding. We can realize standard or more specific outdoor signage, according to your needs. Some of the key elements of outdoor ads are hidden in the answers to the following questions:

  • Where it will be installed?
  • What is its purpose?
  • What are the sizes?

Once we have your answers, we can suggest the most suitable signage, that will follow the company activity and image.

Advertising totem Agrochemical from Media Design


Apolo33 - брандиране на камион

Car wrapping

Брандиране на офис Reward Gateway, Медия Дизайн


Изделие от плексиглас - рекламна стойка за меню

Acrylic products

Illuminated or non-illuminated totems

Media Design manufactures illuminated and non-illuminated totels with attractive design and excellent functionality. They are suitable for outdoor ad for oil stations, company buildings, information signage for shops/restaurant’s location. Advertiding totems are preferred by clients, because they grab people’s attention, they are highly durable and require minimal maintenance.

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Lasting and elegant side road advertising totem
Vehicle wrapping with film

Car wrapping

Film wrapping of company vehicles is part of the advertising campaign of many companies. Everyday the vehicles make free publicity of a product or a brand in front of the wide audience. There are 100% return on investment of this type of outdoor advertising, which makes it mandatory on a competitive market. Media Design can make different branding projects on vehicules with diverse complexity and design.

We work with high-quality specialized 3M films for vehicle applications. Adhesion of company vehicles with advertising film is made by trained specialists with experience in automotive graphics. The quality of the materials and the application accuracy guarantee the endurance of the signage. Media Design provides a warranty for all branded vehicles.

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There are different ways of branding sites: film or flexible substrate branding, branding with illuminated and non-illuminated signage- signs, channel letters, or totems. This type of signage is an excellent way to attract the user to a particular brand. Very suitable for shop branding are the illuminated signs because of the alluring exterior appearance. Great signage for offices or hotels is the backlit stainless-steel channel letters. As a cheaper option for indoor branding can be used for the printed film.

Media Design advertising agency has extensive experience in designing signage for branding sites. Customers can trust our specialists in the design, manufacture and installation of advertising sign, flexible substrate, films. We guarantee correct service within deadlines

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ASG advertisement
Плексигласова стойка

Advertising acrylic products

Media Design produces many advertising products out of acryl: promotional stands, product shelf displays, brochure displays, badges, domation boxes, room numbers, informational signs, jewelery boxes, and more. The design of acrylic products is determined by the function they will perform. We strive to make products original, with perfect vision and excellent functionality. Our professionals in the acrylic production sector can make even more unusual ideas.

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