30 Digital marketing trends you must know in 2022

30 Digital marketing trends you must know in 2022

If you see yourself as an ambitious digital marketer in training or have already proven yourself, you should definitely have researched the new trends in every types of digital marketing. There are some new things you should consider like video marketing, influencer marketing, content marketing and others. Maintaining the latest trends in the industry is…

JUMBO channel letters – exactly as they should be!

JUMBO store offers products for children and adults. There you can find a huge range of toys, home and garden products, car accessories and many more tempting offers at a good price. Media Design Advertising Agency replaced the electrical installation of the channel letters JUMBO in Druzhba, Sofia. This was a difficult task because…

Changing the installation of letters after 14 years of faithful service ZONA for home

Changing the installation of letters after 14 years of faithful service

Furniture store ZONE is the largest furniture store in Bulgaria. It has an exhibition area of over 10,000 square meters. The showroom is located in Sofia. There you can find over 5000 exhibited pieces of furniture. The arrangement is made thematically so you can see what your home would look like with your new interior…

What is the difference between Serifs and Sanserif fonts?

Did you know that many of today’s fonts actually have a common origin? This is capitalis monumentalis – the father of fonts. It is the first serif font, and serifs are those small dashes that we see at the base of the letters and that guide our eyes along the horizontal line. Capitalis Monumentalis history…

What is the difference between serifs and sans-serif fonts? Blog Media Design
Хелветика - Шрифтът, който управлява света - Блог Медия Дизайн

Helvetica – the font that changed the design

Helvetica belongs to the sans-serif fonts family, also known as grotesque. You can find it literally everywhere: computer screens, billboards, buildings, street signs, and posters. The first version of Helvetica was created in 1957 by Max Midinger, a Swiss font designer. His goal was to design a new font without serifs that could compete in…

METRO Cash and Carry Reference

METRO Cash & Carry is a world leader in wholesale, focused on serving customers from small and medium-sized businesses. METRO GROUP has more than 670 sites in 24 countries, which offer a huge range of products with a professional focus and guaranteed high quality. The company entered the Bulgarian market in 1999 and since then…

Metro cash and carry - logo

Younger students visits Media Design

In continuation of our policy for “open doors”, we welcomed another young shift class for an opened lesson at Media Design. Our desire to give guidance to younger schoolers for their dreams and aspirations best reflected in our last meeting.

Emblematic advertisement in Plovdiv from Media Design

10 Emblematic for Plovdiv advertisements from Media Design

And this year almost slipped from our fingers – the 27 years for Media Design. For more than two decades we manufacture projects, which realization brings us wonderful moments from the oldest-alive city in Europe. 1. Channel letters together The channel letters “together” turned to a landmark just hours after they were installed. Hundreds of…

All in one! Promotional price for illuminated advertising sign

Price for illuminated sign for 490lv. With sizes 200 x 50cm. In order to avoid any questions, we offer you a really simple and clear offer for your business. Manufacturing, writing the inscription and installing are INCLUDED in the price of the illuminated sign. You only need to tell us what you want to…

Promo sign for 299 lv, Media Design
LED glowing sign for just 200BGN

LED illuminated sign for only 200 BGN

You need illuminated advertising sign for your place? We offer you a fast and profitable solution – assembled sign with aluminum base and acrylic front. The LED illumination of the sign is included in the price. The promotion is valid while stocks last in our workshop.


In times of pandemic and dark forecasts, we have the need of a little optimism and believe in the tomorrows day. We from advertising agency Media Design decided to support the initiatives of the medics from Medical Academy.

Everything will be okay