JUMBO store offers products for children and adults. There you can find a huge range of toys, home and garden products, car accessories and many more tempting offers at a good price.

Media Design Advertising Agency replaced the electrical installation of the channel letters JUMBO in Druzhba, Sofia. This was a difficult task because they were not made by us.


How did channel letters that barely glow become bright and evenly glowing?

The answer is SloanLED!

The Jumbo store in the Druzhba had two huge channel letters inscriptions. LED modules of non-native origin were used for their illumination. Over time, they have given defects and most of them have stopped shining or have drastically reduced their brightness. When installing this type of LED lighting, it is extremely important to know what is LED lighting and how to properly install the modules.

What we did was offer the best. The management of JUMBO accepted the Media Design offer to replace the existing LED modules with the high-quality SloanLED VL4 HO. The VL4 series is an outstanding breakthrough in the science of optical physics, combined with decades of research in the advertising industry.

The modules specialize in front-lit channel letters, providing bright and even light scattering with a light angle of 160 °. With them, you use fewer modules for faster installation and lower cost. They provide you with quality, with a life of over 54,000 hours!


The whole process of replacing the installation was extremely complex and required great precision, given the size of the channel letters and the place where they were installed. Our professionals accepted the challenge and managed to do the job perfectly.

The difference is quite obvious. Bright, intense glow just can’t be missed. We can now safely say that after the renovation, JUMBO channel letters are exactly as they should be!