Media Design has a great team of professionals with years of previous experience in car wrapping. There are different types of self-adhesive vinyl for different surfaces and purposes. When it is time for choosing the right materials, we trust the American company 3M. They are manufacturing high-quality products with very innovative technologies. We use high-class calandered polymeric vinyl for wrapping flat surfaces. If we have to wrap more complex 3D surfaces, we always use 3M cast vinyl.

It is important to note that the use of laminate/ protective layer is mandatory for all stickers with full-color printing. This protects the surface (car wash, scratches from bushes, etc.) and extends the life of the self-adhesive vinyl.

How branded car helps?

Branding company cars is a very common practice. Advertizing graphics would turn your car into a recognizable landmark for your business.  

Company cars travel most often on pre-arranged routes such as the headquarters of the company – client. That is why even on the road, the possibility of attracting new clients or reminding of you your current ones, is very high. All this only with the presence of company representatives and a branded car. In addition, advertising graphics make an impression even if your car is in a parking lot.  

This means that on the road or not, your business is constantly noticed by your potential customers.

Car wrapping with advertising graphics - Central Perk
Car wrapping company bus, Media Design
Car wrapping a company bus with self-adhesive graphics.
Car wrapping company bus, Media Design

Investment and return?

Wrapping company cars with self-adhesive vinyl advertising graphics for your business gives the best ratio between investment and return. Proven over time, this advertising practice is not only popular but also very profitable. Visual communication is an integral part of the marketing world, and with this type of investment, your business can be advertised through this type of advertising basically free.

What do you mean “free“?

ou have an initial investment related to the choice of materials, type of branding and installation. Then you have an already branded autopark that “speak” about your business even outside working hours. This saves money on advertising and you get your initial investment returns many times over.


  • Multiple returns on the initial investment
  • Saving money on advertising
  • Attracting new customers
  • Advertising only to clients in your work area
  • A successful image
  • Stylish vision to present your business to the world
  • Warranty on all branded cars

What are the types of branding?

Very often our customers ask us “How much does it cost to brand my car?“. This depends on several key factors. The main of which is – what part of the car should be covered with vinyl. No less important is what the car is like – whether it is a car with windows or a bus. In most cases, even the model matters.

When branding cars, Media Design uses several types of self-adhesive film. When wrapping on flat details we use high class 3M polymeric vinyl – 3M Scotchcal 50 for the cut inscriptions (colored vinyl from which letters and logos are cut) or 3M IJ40 with the laminate for the printed stickers. The use of laminate on stickers with full-color printing is an important rule.

If we have to wrap more complex 3D surfaces, we always use 3M cast vinyl – 3M 180mC with a laminate. The product can stretch and have no shrinkage in the formula. Also, has one of the best vinyl technologies ever created.

Prices and types of graphics

Depending on the size and type of advertising message, there are several typical types of car branding. You can easily choose the right type of advertising, according to your goals, motives, and budget.

1. Simply presenting company information and contacts from 100 BGN to 200BGN

Branding company cars with advertising graphics, types

Simple presenting company information and contacts. It is usually installed on the front and/or rear door, rear cover, and sometimes on the front cover. Depending on the project and the size of the car, this type of branding costs from BGN 100 to BGN 200. For buses (according to the size) the price can reach BGN 300.

2. Branding on a small area – from BGN 200 to BGN 400

Branding company cars with advertising graphics, Types and Prices

Wrapping advertising graphics with the company name and contact information on your car creates a simple and minimalist look. This is because the graphics are positioned in a small area, on the flat parts of the car (bus). This allows the use of the cheaper calendered polymer film. The price of the bus can reach up to BGN 500.

3. Partial car wrap – from 300BGN to 800BGN

Branding company cars with advertising graphics, prices, partial car wrap

A partial car wrap is suitable for creating an accent on your brand. This effect can be obtained if your car is being wrapped not only with contact information but an image – symbolizing your business. This will become your trademark.

In this type of branding we use high class cast vinyl. In this way we can qualitatively wrap the typical for most cars 3D curves. For a bus the price list varies from BGN 800 to BGN 900.

4. Full car wrap from 1200BGN – 1800BGN

Branding company cars with advertising graphics, prices, full car wrap

Full car wrapping is suitable for both new and established companies. It requires a larger investment, but the effect comes in the near future. You can choose a design that will not only attract the attention of your potential customers but also turn your company’s identity into a trademark, recognizable brand.

We must use cast vinyl of the highest class – 3M IJ180mC with the appropriate laminate (usually gloss). We have an option for this vinyl to be metallic, as well as specific textures of the laminates – linen, carbon, shagreen. When wrapping a bus, the price range is from 2000 to 3000 BGN.

With your or our design?

Customers ask: Who will create the design for my car? We can install graphics fully designed by the customer. It is also possible to offer a project made by us. Media Design’s the team of designers will make sure to present your business in the best way, covering all requirements. We make ideas a reality.

When branding cars, mandatory elements are the company logo and contact information such as e-mail, address or phone. The design of advertising graphics for cars must be attractive to catch the attention of passers-by, during the short time in which they see the ad.

What is car wrapping?

Car wrapping is a popular practice among companies, the meaning is creating a mobile ad to promote the offered business and services. We brand cars with 3M self-adhesive vinyl, which can be different types, according to the desired purpose.

How can I order car branding ?

Media Design has a team of professionals with many years of previous experience. They will offer you ideas for your advertising graphics. All you have to do is to say what kind of car will be branded and what type of branding you think is right for your business. We can perform branding with a prepared design by you. It is also possible for our designers to create entirely the advertising graphics.

How much does it cost to brand my car?

This depends on several key factors. The main of which is – what part of the car should be covered with vinyl. No less important is what the car is like – whether it is a car with windows or a bus. In most cases, even the model matters. The first way is simply presenting company information and contacts from – 100 BGN to 200BGN. Branding on a small area could be BGN 200 to BGN 400. Partial car wrap – 300BGN to 800BGN. The price for full car wrap from 1200BGN – 1800BGN.
Please, notice if wrapping a bus or a bigger vehicle, the prices may be higher.

How long is the self-adhesive vinyl durability?

Depends on the used product, the 3M self-adhesive vinyls durability may varies from 2 to 3 years.

Shoud I paint my car again after I take off the vinyl?

No, the usage of Scotchcal 50 eliminates the possibility of leaving unpleasant sticky marks. The removable adhesive technology allows you to remove the self-adhesive vynil even without previous experience.