Wrapping with the best 3M films

Media Design has great experience in the vehicle branding with self-adhesive films. We dispose with wide film palette of colors and textures for wrapping cars. For all project, we use 3M films specialized for violent weather conditions. For longer life cycle of the films, we often put lamina on the top of the films.

The correct installation of car graphics ensures the durability of film-wrapped cars. To this end, we have experienced professionals in Media Design, who draw the details to perfection. Even the sophisticated and complex 3D elements on the cars are ideally wrapped with the 3M self-adhesive films. Tthe fitters also use a heat gun so that all the bubbles are removed. The company cars have a perfect look. Media Design provides a guarantee for all wrapped cars.

3M car graphics certificate for Media Design

Three advantages of car wrapping at Media Design:

Брандиране на бус, Медия Дизайн

Precise work

Рекламно фолио за автомобили - Септември 2016г.

Lasting advertising

Брандиране на автомобил на Алтек, Медия Дизайн

Original design

High-quality 3M films for lasting vehicle branding

Be noticeable!

Alluring advertising graphics with films

Wrapping company cars is a very popular outdoor advertising among many companies. Advertising signs and films graphics transform the ordinary, standard cars. They are a way for every company or brand to become recognizable to consumers. Thanks to the daily free advertising made by their cars, companies save money from other type of advertising. When wrapping cars, the company logo and contact information such as e-mail, address or phones are required. The design of ad graphics for cars should be attractive and grab the attention of passers-by for the short time they see the ad.

In today’s increased competition between companies, innovations in automotive advertisements are a good approach to attracting new customers. The good advertising is a guarantee that the products or the services of the company will be noticed. Car wrapping is therefore an indispensable part of the company’s own branding strategy.

Gallery of wrapped cars: