Acrylic channel letters are one of the most popular advertising signage. They are preferred by clients because of their compelling appearance and affordability. It is recommended that the letters are smaller than 80 cm, so each letter could be produce in the finest details.

We produce channel letters with faces and return out of acryl. We have a specialized workshop for acryl and PVC processing, where the entire production is done. Once the backs are cut, the LED modules are installed, then the letters are assembled to the end product. The final stage is the installation on a metal raceway with which the letters are ready for mounting on the site.

Films from the world leader 3M™ can be applied on the faces or on the return, according to your needs. Up to 3 years warranty 3M™ MCS™ for quality guarantee on the final product is provided by the American company.

For illumination of the acrylic channel letters, we work with proven LED brands such as Korean – G.O.Q. LED ™ and American SloanLED ™. The Korean modules have a built-in Samsung ™ chips, with excellent features and durability for problem-free exploitation. Channel letters with G.O.Q. LED ™ are covered by a 3-year warranty.For extreme and violent conditions, we recommend the best leds on the market at the moment manufactured by the American company SloanLED™. A long life cylcle of the channel letters is guaranteed with its 5-year warranty and over 100,000 hours of life.

When to use acrylic channel letters?

When the channel letters are not bigger than 80 cm.

Acryl has its specific features – gloss, smoothness, ability to create fine details. For smaller, where the sign place is limited and the letters are less than 80cm, and and more distinctive projects, when more attractive vision is needed, acrylic channel letters are the perfect solution. 

Due to the smaller size, in most of the cases the channel letters are seen up close from the audience. That makes them highly suitable for clothing store entrances, shoes stores, pharmacies, beauty salons, bars and many more. They are precisely produced and can fit any type of facade.

MegaParts acrylic channel letters
Обемни букви Verdi

When you brand stores in shopping centers.

Channel letters are highly used in the shopping centers because of their attractive appearance and the possibility to fit in modern interiors. Branding with channel letters allows to upgrade brand image and improve the connection with customers, as they attract them. Other advantage of this kind of signage is the creation or the increase of brand awareness.

When you want affordable and long lasting signage.

Acrylic channel letters are cheaper option of inox channel letters. They are also weather-proof and covered by a 3-year warranty.  Acrylic channel letters are eye-catching and on reasonable price.

For acrylic prevention from scratches and color fading, special 3M films can be applied on the channel letters. Media Design is autorized distributor of 3M – advertising leader in the advertising industry. The company is known world-wide for its quality products with long life cycle.

Kastel Karlovo Channel letters

Why to order illuminated acrylic channel letters?

The materials we use to create channel letters and the full control over the production can guarantee the long life cycle of our products. They are covered by 3-year warranty.

The two companies we work with for LED modules  G.O.Q. LED™ and SloanLED™ can assure you the long and seamless work of the illumination of the channel letters.

The manufacture and the installation of acrylic channel letters is really quick and easy because they are very light.

The mounting of the letters is effortless.

On avarage, acrylic channel letters can be done and installed from 7 to 15 days.

All channel letters made by Media Design are perfectly manufactured.

Acrylic allows precise and accurate fitting – even the smallest pieces are detailed, which makes the letters looks superb.

You can choose from the wide range acryl color palette for the letters.  This variety can balance the letters colors with interior or match them with company logo.

More complexe forms can be done out of acryl. That is why many offices, shops in shopping centers , bars and restaurants choose this type of signage.

Gallery of illuminated acryl channel letters: