CarpetMAX chain stores offer a wide variety of floor coverings to transform the interior of the home, office or hotel. Here you will find carpets, rugs, wadding, parquet, as well as curtains, mattresses and accessories to make any room more cozy and beautiful.

For one of the stores, located in the city of Pazardzhik, we created outdoor advertising as part of the branding of the site.

Illuminated acrylic channel letters represent the product range

Along the store, we installed six inscriptions with the main products offered. We made them as illuminated acrylic channel letters. They are mounted on metal frames to stand forward of the wall. The channel letters are reinforced firmly to ensure the security and safety of the advertisement.

Their white color perfectly contrasts with the dark red paint of the facade and the inscriptions are clearly visible during the day. In order to advertise the store just as successfully at night, the inscriptions have built-in bright and effective lighting.

Why to Choose Acrylic Channel Letters?

Firstly, they impart an elegant and presentable appearance. Additionally, they possess durability and resilience against external conditions. Moreover, acrylic allows for the production of inscriptions with intricate details. To enhance both the desired aesthetics and longevity, we often combine acrylic channel letters with 3M Translucent film. The inscriptions created by our team are backed by a guarantee of up to 3 years, providing peace of mind to our clients.

Client: CarpetMAX

Date: February 2017

Warranty: 2 yeras

City: Pazardzhik