The signs made from composite panel are increasingly popular because of their strength, durability and stylish look. All the benefits of this composite material and its reasonable price, introduced it in the various fields of the industry, including advertising.

In Media Design we produce illuminated and non-illuminated composite panel signs with the desired size according to client’s need. We can make projects even for large signs with over 3 m long and 1,20 m wide. One of the biggest advantages of this type of advertising sign is the light structure, which simplifies assembly considerably. This is in favor especially for larger size composite panel signs.

Daphne - Composite panel signs
Composite panel sign with acrylic letters
Illuminated letters Daphne - Composite panel signs
Daphne - Composite panel sign with acrylic letters

Composite panel signs have a guarantee for long life, thanks to the high resistance of the material. Once installed, they remain unchanged in the time. They are appropriate for branding of shops, columns wrapping, signs for sites in polluted industrial areas, interior signs.

The price of the composite panel sign is slightly higher, but the investment is fully return in a year or two. The clients provide themselves with a sign with unlimited durability that saves money from maintenance.

What is a Composite panel?

Modern building construction uses widely aluminum composite panels known as Etalbond. The company ETEM started their production and turned Etalbond into its trademark. After itsintroduction on the market, more and more companies have started to produce composite panels, simply called “bond”. Due to the popularity of the first trademark, the name Etalbond has become a common name for composite panels.

The composite materials are composed of two or more different layers. That is why they are called “composite”. Each layer is a specific material with its own properties and characteristics. 

Etalbond composite scheme

The bundle is like a “sandwich” of polyethylene core (2 to 5 mm) located between two aluminum sheets. The composite panel is firmly attached and prevents transformations caused by the weather conditions. A great bond advantage is the three-layer PVDF outside coating. It contributes to the high durability of the external environment such as industrial pollution, corrosion, acid rain, ultraviolet radiation, fires, etc.

Korean LED modules with Samsung chips by G.O.Q.LEDs are used for the illuminated composite panel signs. They come with a 4-year warranty and the high light yield illuminates the sign evenly and brightly. Moreover, their reasonable price made them one of our favorites. Many illuminated signs with uncompromising quality were made with these LEDs.

Another illumination option is the SloanLED American LED modules. We recommend them for signs under severe weather conditions. They are designed for heavy loads and have high water resistance. Their  5-year warranty and 100,000 hours of module life, justify the trust in them. The sign warranty depends on the type of illumination. Illuminated sign with SloanLED grants you a 5-year warranty and at least another 5 years of seamless work

When to use composite panel signs?

For shop branding

Thanks to the good insulation properties, strength and variety of colors, the composite panel has become a trend for the store branding. A new site look can be easily and quickly changed or updated.

The specific coating and colors of the composite panel signs differentiate their attractive appearance. This material can coat individual elements such as columns, ledges, etc. for the final finish.

Composite panel sign with LED lightining
Acrylic channel letters and composite panel

For indoor signs

Composite panel signs fit any interior due to their elegant appearance. Their main application is information or index signs in administrative and public buildings.

Effective signs can be made in combination of composite panels with cut or printed 3M film.  The advantage of these 3M films is its specific adhesive technology that allows easy removal. Composite panel signs can be used for promotion that change visions, for example in shops.

The sign is for sites in industrial zones

We recommend composite panel signs for the industrial zones where is full of dust, noise, danger of accidents. The material is easy to clean, insulates sound, and is fire resistant. Composite panel signs provide peace of mind for a long time, requiring minimal maintenance. This is another advantage that makes them the perfect solution in industrial areas.

The high resistance of composite panel in combination with quality LED illumination with G.O.Q. or SloanLED gives you up to 5 years full guarantee of advertising signs.

Why to order composite panel sign?

Composite panel sign’s advantages are the sustainability and the long life cycle. The sign remains non affected by the time and looks like a new one even after years.
Composite panel offers a variety of colors, metallics, and specific textures. All those characteristics allow the production of beautiful signs matching perfectly the buildings. Moreover, when the composite panel lining is added, the sites become even more attractive.

What is the price of the etalbond sign?

The mass production of composite panels significantly lowered the prices. A composite panel sign is considerably more profitable for the client in terms of the benefits he receives.
For example, sheet metal signs rust in the case of external installation, but composite panels remain intact for many years. Acrylic signs lose their good appearance very quickly and can get deformed by thermal changes, composite panel prevents this problem by 100%.
Paying slightly more for the composite panels, you get a much better quality product.

How is installed an etalbond sign?

Composite panel is an easy-to-use material and creates signs with a perfect look. The lightweight sheets makes even larger sized signs very light. This simplifies installation and saves time. Even non-specialists / clients / can install it without difficulty.