Perhaps the most impressive and beautiful channel letters are those with backlighting. Also known as backlit letters, halo letters, ambient channel letters. They look elegant and spectacular, they are a very good option for image advertising of companies and their brands.

They can be used as outdoor advertising as well as for indoor advertising for hotels, shops, banks, clinics, restaurants, office and administrative buildings, and others. Channel backlit letters are usually made of inox or plexiglass, but there are wonderful solutions made of brass or other exotic materials.

Back-lit channel letters for Ikea Bistro
Leipzig - Back-lit channel letters
Back-lit lightening
Back-lit channel letters - Medical University of Plovdiv

The halo lighting of this type of channel letters must be strong and lasting. For this purpose, they are mounted with spacers for walls or structures, thus being brought forward from the base. The light falls backward, scattering around the letters, thus creating an ambient halo effect on the lights. Around and behind them you can see a glow in a certain color (according to the LEDs corresponding to the lighting), which is really impressive. LED lighting is the main and in the next case the only option for contact illuminated channel letters.

In accordance with the quality requirements and budget for the installation, we offer field-proven Korean and American high-quality led modules. The options for the backlit channel letters illumination are LEDs from the Koreans G.O.Q. LED™ with a 3-year warranty or the world led leaders the American company SloanLED™, that covers the signage with a 5-year warranty.

Shades and light colors

This type of channel letters with a backlight is very suitable for playing with different types of lighting. In many cases, we use warm or cold white to achieve the halo around them. Warm white is suitable for restaurants, bakeries, and various types of cafes and restaurants. It fits very well into modern hipster design. Cold white light is an excellent solution for serious institutions such as banks, insurers, car dealers, etc. The brilliance and power of the cold lighting of the LED modules gives a feeling of luxury and prestige.

It has recently become fashionable to make letters that glow forward in one color and backward in another. Their implementation and installation are complex, but the result is worth it. Our regular customers Bunay AD and Eldorado took advantage of this elegant solution.

Channel letters - Bunday S.A
Back-lit channel letters Eldorado

Indispensable accent in the interior

There is almost no luxury office, foyer, or showroom without ambient backlit channel letters. This strong and characteristic accent creates a feeling of prestige and completeness of almost any interior.

We make these backlit letters for different clients – hotels, offices, restaurants, and even for private homes. The most important requirement is that customers contact us on time. In order for the backlit inscription to look good, we have to go through the electrical installation in advance. Before the walls are plastered and painted. Thus installed, no cables and other installations powering the letters are visible. We are often contacted by clients of already renovated offices. Even then, in most cases, we find a solution, but this involves additional activities that could be saved if we were involved in the project on time.

Why order backlit channel letters?

Because they are prestigious
The channel letters with backlighting are very elegant and influential. They are suitable for companies that want to show prestige to their customers and partners.
Because they are memorable
Due to their excellent appearance with spectacular lighting, the channel letters with backlight attract attention. They affect customers and help brands and company names be remembered quickly.
Because they are strong
The backlit letters are made of high-quality materials – from construction to lighting. Due to the durability of the materials and the reliable lighting with LED, the letters made by us have a warranty of 3 to 5 years, and in reality, their life is over 10 years.

When to use backlit channel letters?

When you want dynamic signage for your brand or company
The halo-lit channel letters are often used by companies as their marketing strategy to improve brand image. Perfect for companies that value the glamorous and trustworthy image and that want to strengthen the relationships with their customers.
When you need an indoor signage
They have a dramatic look in company offices which impose a particular style of work and own brand. Many restaurants, bars, hotels, clinics, shops use the backlit channel letters as an advertising key tool in the interior, which makes them more stylish.  The halo effect and the attractive look make them the most impressive illuminated signage.

What are the typical applications of backlit letters?

Hotels, offices, bank and insurance offices, luxury clothing brands, car dealerships, restaurants, bars, cafes, and bakeries.