Santé SPA Hotel gives you the opportunity to enjoy a relaxing and fulfilling vacation in 5-star luxury. The hotel has 140 accommodation units, a spa and medical center and various establishments to diversify your stay.

The management of Spa Hotel Santé chose Media Design Advertising Agency for the overall branding of the building. Some of the products our team made for them are also backlit copper letters.

Backlit copper letters – Spa Hotel Santé

Channel letters of pure copper welcome the guests of Spa Hotel Santé from the entrance. The products are carefully made in accordance with the overall vision of the site. They are installed on the facade using spacers to create backlighting. It puts an elegant accent on the inscription and perfectly emphasizes the sophistication of the hotel.

The illumination is done with G.O.Q LED modules. The company has developed an innovative technology that makes diodes suitable for all types of advertising products. Guaranteed safe, they are a preferred choice for their price, durability and economy.

Create the desired image for your business

Media Design Advertising agency has many years of experience in hotel branding. Over the years, globally recognized hotel chains with a clearly established image, identity and company standards have been our clients. Our team has the necessary knowledge and capabilities to prepare individual, stylish and thematic outdoor advertising for any business. We strive to manufacture promotional products that both add a sophisticated accent to the overall look and at the same time have a long service life.

Client:  Santé SPA Hotel

Date: June 2022

Warranty: 3 years

City: Velingrad