What do you mean by very large letters?

Usually, channel letters are made with a plexiglass face. There are two main technologies – letters with aluminum pages and letters with acrylic sides, but there is always a Plexiglas face. When the client has a letter assignment with a height of 2 or more meters, the acrylic face becomes difficult to make. Splicing and reinforcement are required. When heated by the sun, the plexiglass face sinks inward, and bolder letters formes a “belly”. Over time, appear joints where moisture and dust enter. Then is very likely a strong wind to scratch the face, “inflating” the letter through these joints.

Very large channel letters - Zona
Very large channel letters - HipoLand, Plovdiv
Gigantic channel letters -  ТМАРКЕТ
Very large channel letters - HipoLand, work process

As a responsible company, Media Design respects the warranty we give (the minimum is 3 years). More than 15 years ago we started to produce very large channel letters with vinyl face. They are made of solid aluminum construction with special aluminum profiles. They have stable ribs, reinforcing columns, and supports, which give great strength to the whole letter.

The vinyl face is stretched with a clip system in the aluminum profile. The 3M vinyl canvas is extremely strong and durable, with a weight (understand thickness) of 650 g / sq.m it cannot be torn or destroyed. After stretching, the vinyl looks flat and stable like Plexiglas. There are no visible creases or vibration of the vinyl in the wind. The finished channel letters represent a tense construction – the stronger the wind, the construction becomes even stronger, as it stretches the vinyl, which in turn additionally tenses (strengthens) the letter.

In cases where the letters will be mounted on roofs

Roof ads are usually large enough to look good on any level. As the wind is much stronger on the roofs, the very large channel letters must have a reinforced structure. Therefore, for sizes over 2 meters we use the system with vinyl, aluminum profiles, and LEDs. It guarantees endurance under high load – moisture, wind, rain, snow, cold, heat. The sealing of the letters is excellent, so the installation is completely protected.

Very large channel letters - TMarket
Very large channel letters - HipoLand

When installing channel letters on roofs, it is very important that the advertising letters are lightened in order to facilitate both transport and installation. We make very large letters with aluminum pages, so they are relatively light.

The very large channel letters are most often installed in places with difficult access (such as facades, roofs of tall buildings). Service and maintenance for them is much more complex and therefore more expensive. That’s why we recommend the system for very large letters – aluminum, vinyl, and LEDs. With our 3 to 5 year warranties and a lifespan of this type of letters for 10-15 years, you get peace of mind and savings on subsequent costs.

Why to order very large channel letters?

When making letters larger than 2 meters from sheet material such as Plexiglas or polycarbonate, there are usually some problems with the strength of the structure, especially that of the face. Due to the plexiglass size, which is fixed and much smaller than the size of the letter, the face material has to be spliced. Around the place of the formed joint, the plexiglass shrinks and expands due to the temperature differences and it begins to open. The consequence of this problem is the formation of the so-called “belly”. When dust and water begin to enter, the good appearance of the channel letters deteriorates. What is more dangerous is that the electrical installation can be damaged.
One of the most serious problems is the strong wind, which easily penetrates through the formed joint and strongly pulls the plexiglass sheet from the structure. The face of the channel letters can even be removed from the profiles with a stronger and longer wind pressure.

Are such very large letters strong?

The letters with very large sizes must be made with a stable aluminum construction. The profiles are massive, with special ribs and many clips to stretch the vinyl. The letters increase the strength. Reinforcement columns and supports also contribute to the overall strength of the advertisement.

Does dust and water enter these very large channel letters?

The very large channel letters, made with a vinyl face, are protected from the weather and look perfect. The vinyl, stretched on the face of the channel letters, tightly adheres to the profiles, which does not allow moisture, dust, and wind to penetrate. In this way, the entire front part is insulated. Aluminum profiles are also protected. The back of the channel letters is an aluminum sheet, which is attached to the profile in special grooves and a is obtained a complete.