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When to use very large channel letters?

When the letters are higher than 2m

For the manufacture of very large channel letters, it should be use an aluminum body and special aluminum profiles. They are massive and reinforcing columns and struts that give the whole construction a high strength.  Special clips are mounted in aluminum profiles that stretch the flexible substrate sheet perfectly, imitating material sheet. The body becomes even more solid in heavy winds because it stretches the flexible substrate sheet even more.

That is why in case of very large channel letters, it is highly recommended to use the flexible substrate for the letter’s face.  In this way, the signage is safe and it doesn’t hold the dust.  The life cycle prolongs.


When the signage is mounted on roofs.

Roof signage is usually bigger so it could have maximum impact at distance from anywhere. On the top of the building, the wind is heavier and the channel letters must be with reinforced body.  For letters bigger than 2m, we use flexible substrate, aluminum profiles and led illumination. They guarantee the durability even in harsh weather conditions. The sealing of the channel letters is perfect and the installation is completely safe.

It is really important that the large sized letters are easy to be transported and installed. For the returns and the backs of the letters, we use aluminum ALURAPID that allows lightness of the channel letters.

When the signage is on high buildings.

The large size allows the visibility of the signage from far away. Ideal for company or administration buildings, banks, mobile operators, factories.

Very large size channel letters are installed on hard to reach places. Their maintenance is more difficult and respectively more expensive.  Our maintenance-free solution for at least 5-6 years is a system with aluminum, flexible substrate and led illumination that can give you a peace of mind.


Why to order very large channel letters?

By choosing flexible substrate and aluminum body, you can avoid the following problems:

  • Manufacturing letters larger than 2 meters of sheet material such as acryl or polycarbonate, there are usually some problems with the strength of the construction, mostly with the face. Acrylic sizes would be smaller than the letters and this would require fitting few sheets together. Around the place of the formed joint, the acryl shrinks and expands from temperature differences which creates deformation of the signage. When dust and water begin to penetrate, the good appearance of the volumetric letters spoils. The more dangerous thing is that the electrical installation can be damaged.
  • One of the most serious problems is the strong wind that easily penetrates the formed joints and pulls the acryl sheet out of the structure. The face of the lettering may even be removed from the profiles at a stronger and prolonged wind pressure.

We produce channel letters with very large sizes with a stable aluminum construction. The profiles are massive, with special crevices and numerous clamps to stretch vinyl. The letters increase the strength as the flexible substrate canvas is stretched. The strong wind is taken under consideration in the high places where they are installed. It further stretches the vinyl and the system gains even more strength. Strengthening columns and struts also contribute to the overall strength of the signage.

The very large channel letters made with a flexible substrate face are protected from the weather conditions and look perfect even over the time.

The flexible substrate, stretched on the face of the channel letters, is tightly adhered to the profiles, preventing moisture, dust and wind from penetrating. In this way the entire face is isolated. Aluminum profiles are also protected. The back of the channel letters is aluminum sheet which is added to the profile in special grooves.  A full containment is achieved.

The best solution for reduction of the maintenance and electricity cost of large sized channel letters is the led illumination. It is super effective especially when is working from 8 to 12 hours per day. On average, leds are using up to 10 times less energy than the fluorescent lamps and at least 3 times less than the neon.

Gallery of very large channel letters: