VIA Offices is a high-class office building, designed to satisfy the highest requirements for functionality and representativeness of its clients. With Via Offices, you have the opportunity to set up a modern office for your business.

The company trusted Media Design Advertising Agency to create an illuminated inscription for the roof of the building.

Very Large Letters Via Offices

The inscription “Via” is executed using the very large letters system. They are made using solid aluminum construction with special aluminum profiles and a vinyl face. The 3M vinyl canvas is extremely strong and durable, and once stretched it appears as flat and stable as Plexiglas.

“Offices” channel letters are made with aluminum sides and a plexiglass face covered with a “day and night” PVC film. This effect makes the inscription black during the day and glows in white light at night. G.O.Q LED modules are used for lighting, which contribute to the appearance of the product. In addition, they are guaranteed to be safe and energy-saving.

Impressive emphasis on your business

Advertising agency Media Design creates beautiful and durable channel letters, and for each project our main goal is to offer the best option for its implementation. This type of products are preferred for rooftop advertising as they look impressive and give a serious emphasis to the business. In addition to the excellent appearance of the advertisement, our team also ensures that it has a long and trouble-free life.

Client:  Via Offices

Date: april 2022

Warranty: 3 years

City: Plovdiv