Bunay AD has many years of experience. They started their activity in 1952. The company produces plastic, bakelite and rubber parts, as well as tools for their production. The management turned to the Media Design Advertising Agency for the production of channel letters for their base in Panagyurishte.

Bunay – illuminated channel letters Panagyurishte

The channel letters Panagyurishte for Bunay are made with a face of blue Plexiglas and alurapid pages. They are mounted with aluminum spacers to the wall. The back of the channel letters is made of transparent Plexiglas and wrapped with white translucent 3M film, series 2330.

This type of channel letters are made of aluminum pages, and are very resistant to weather conditions. They are most often installed on the roofs of buildings or in hard-to-reach places, where they are exposed to strong winds.

Brightly illuminated and noticeable advertising

The outdoor advertising of Bunay AD is illuminated with Samsung LEDs. In this way is obtained the backlit, and the face of the channel letters glows blue because of the colored Plexiglas. Quality modules significantly extend the life of any advertisement, so Media Design Advertising Agency works only with proven manufacturers in the field.

Client: Bunay

Date: December 2014

Warranty: 3 years

City: Panagyurishte