A million dollar idea turned into a reality by a 17 year old boy. IKEA was founded in Sweden in the year of 1946. Her initial function was taking mail-orders. It didn’t take long for the company to find it’s passion and by their 5th anniversary they were selling furniture. The rest is history. As of today, IKEA has over 400 stores worldwide. On their territory you can find IKEA SupermarketsRestaurants, and IKEA Bistro.

How did Media Design compliment the unique interior of IKEA BISTRO?

It was an honor for Media Design to play a part in complimenting the interior of IKEA. In the bistro IKEA’s customers can relax and recharge with a fresh cup of coffee. IKEA impresses with the unique and creative designs of its furniture and home decorations. That is why we created beautiful back-lit channel letters IKEA BISTRO.

Creating back-lit channel letters IKEA BISTRO

The halo channel letters IKEA BISTRO are made from black acrylic. The halo width is the distance between the advertising construction and the surface that it is being installed on. Thus the channel letters look thicker and create a feeling of depth. In order to complement the warm atmosphere in the store, we illuminated the channel letters with warm LED lights. The back-lit effect gives them an outstanding illumination. And even though we installed black acrylic channel letters over a black surface they managed to shine even brighter.

For over 75 years IKEA brings happiness to millions of people all over the world by offering them the biggest possible choice of creative furniture and home decorations. This is why, we from Media Design had the same goal – to create an elegant advertising installation that will attract people’s attention to IKEA BISTRO.

Client:  IKEA Bulgaria

Date:  August 2018

Warranty: 3 years

Location: Sofia