Santé SPA Hotel gives you the opportunity to enjoy a relaxing and fulfilling holiday with its 140 accommodation units, a SPA and medical center and various establishments to diversify your stay.

Spa Hotel Santé management chose Media Design Advertising Agency for the production of backlit copper letters for Restaurant Santé.

Backlit copper channel letters for Restaurant Santé

At the entrance to Restaurant Santé, you will be greeted by elegant illuminated channel letters. To be in tune with the hotel’s overall branding, the inscriptions are made of pure copper. They are brought forward from the base by spacers to provide backlighting. Channel letters with backlighting effect are an excellent solution for image advertising, thanks to their impressive and sophisticated appearance.

The inscription is illuminated with high-end LEDs with a Samsung chip – G.O.Q LED. These LED modules are guaranteed to be safe and durable. This advantage of theirs practically extends the life of the illuminated advertisement.

Quality that presents your hotel

Media Design Advertising Agency performs overall hotel branding. Our experienced team creates exclusive promotional items that add elegance, fully compliant with the hotel’s established corporate standards. We have high-quality materials and a professional workshop, which are the basis of our success. We are not afraid to be innovators and create products that no one else can.

Client: Santé SPA Hotel

Date: June 2022

Warranty: 3 years

City: Velingrad