Wine cellar “Rumelia” was established in 2006 in Panagyurishte. The winery has a production workshop, an underground barrel cellar, a bottling line, a laboratory, a cozy tasting room and a unique atmosphere where guests can experience the art of Rumelia winemaking.

The winery turned to Media Design Advertising Agency for the creation of an attractive illuminated advertisement.

Illuminated outdoor advertising for Rumelia Wine Cellar

First we created illuminated inscription and logo, which were mounted high on the facade of the wine cellar. The channel letters Panagyurishte for the wine cellar are made with aluminum pages and a Plexiglas face. They are forward-lit and are visible from afar even in the late hours of the day.

The second type of advertising product is illuminated channel letters made of stainless steel. They are brought forward by spacers. This creates a backlighting effect.

Why channel letters?

Channel letters are one of the most attractive products for outdoor advertising and impress with design, craftsmanship and elegance. They can be illuminated or not-illuminated and can be placed both in interiors and exteriors. Their main advantages are the attractive appearance and weather resistance.

Media Design Advertising Agency has a highly specialized team in the design and production of advertising products. Our many years of experience gave us the skills to react quickly and realize our clients’ ideas in the best possible way.

Client: Rumelia Wine Cellar

Date: June 2008

Warranty: 3 years 

City: Panagyurishte