Santé SPA Hotel is a 5-star hotel that has 140 accommodation units, a spa and medical center and various establishments to diversify your stay. The management of Spa Hotel Santé trusted Media Design advertising agency for the production of elegant interior channel letters.

Interior channel letters for SPA Hotel Santé

From the entrance of Hotel Santé you will be greeted by elegant channel letters made of pure copper. The letters are brought forward from the base by spacers to give an even more bulky and massive look. The products are backlit, thus placing an even more elegant emphasis on the interior.

The used LED modules with a Samsung chip – G.O.Q LED are guaranteed to be safe and durable. The choice of high-end diodes contributes to the long life of the advertisement.

Hotel branding

Media Design advertising agency has many years of experience in hotel branding. The basis of our success is the high quality materials and professional workshop at our disposal. Our main mission is to recreate the spirit of quality service and high company standards in beautiful and elegant promotional products.

Client: SPA Hotel Santé

Date: june 2022

Warranty: 3 years

City: Velingrad