Lettering, that creates great first impression

Effective letters and logos for Medical University Plovdiv are extremely elegant and perfectly fit into the style of the building. The logo design of the Medical University Plovdiv is made from our designers more than 15 years ago. Since then, the university has been associated with this logo. When creating the project for channel letters and logo for the building, our point was to recreate their representative appearance, but as outdoor advertising.

Thanks to the perfect outside look, they contribute to the good image of the university. The overall perception of the massive and modern building branded with effective letters inspires confidence and respect. Placed and installed above the main entrance of the building, the logo and the letters can be seen from all students and visitors.

They create a sense of a serious and reliable institution for all passers-by. The precise workmanship, the effective looks of the materials and they attractive back illumination gives the channel letters and the logo of the Medical University Plovdiv representativeness and sophistication. Both during the day and at night the advertisement makes appearances with its back-lit illumination as an additional emphasis for the good-looking image.

Guaranteed durability and strength

The construction of the whole fasteners of the letters is from stainless steel. Additionally, they are painted with industrial paint, related to the automobiles one, but even stronger. There is a big advantage of this type of channel letter because it’s durable. The stainless steel doesn’t rust, and it sustains its good looking vision for a long time. On practice these type of effective letters from stainless steel, especially the ones painted with auto-paint, have unlimited lasting life.

The illumination is with LED modules G.O.Q. LED with a Samsung chip. This guarantees the safety of the advertisement and provides the needed comfort for the client. The LED illumination saves the university funds for the channel letters and the logo. Thanks to the high durability of the LED modules, at least 6-7 years there will be no need to do any repair on them.

Client:  Medical University Plovdiv

Date:  January 2011

Warranty: 5 years

Location: Plovdiv