It’s true! The logo is the face of your business. It reflects the identity of the company and expresses its message to the client. The company logo is the business card that distinguishes you from other companies competing on the market and makes you recognizable. That’s why it’s good to trust professional designers for logo design. They have the necessary experience and can recreate the identity of the company in a way to present the company clearly.

Logo design

The logo identifies you!

Sometimes, companies are re-branding and their logo is redesign or totally changed with a new one. There will be reproaches and great praises. In some cases, the initial customers can not associate the new logo with the corresponding company. Why is it so? This is because the company has built a certain image through its logo. When you see it, the company pops up in your mind. This illustrates the impact of the logo on customers’ perception.

Company logo design

Media Design offers logo design and redesign. Our designers strive to create logos that can be remembered and transmitted precisely the corporate message. They can realize projects for companies from different sectors – restaurants, hotels, construction companies, fashion houses, shops, agrarian and agricultural companies, IT companies, and others. When making the design, every detail is important for the proper perception of the logo – business activity, consumer community, products, etc. Media Design professionals focus on the company’s original and clear representation. The main purpose of the logo design is to make it appealing to customers and contribute to their success.

Trademark design

There are 4 types of logo design

Icon based

These trademarks represent the stylization of a particular symbol. It can be an animal, a plant, a silhouette, including some abstract figure. Stylization is the simplification or complication of shape or color. Examples of symbolic logos are Apple, most car brands, the WHO logo.


The lettermark logo is most often a combination of the first letters of the company name. Examples of this type of logo with AEG, HP, IBM, 3M (Minnesota Mining Manufacturing)


The wordmark type of logo design is the spelling of the full name of the company. This does not preclude graphic modification of some or all of the letters. Parts of the letters may be missing or they may be positioned in a non-standard way. Typical examples are: Samsung, Siemens, Panasonic, Hilti, Desigual


Combined trademarks include combinations of the first three types. Examples of this logo are: Bosh, Microsoft, Amazon, Nike, Adidas, TMARKET

How do I request a logo design?

It is a good idea to specify the following questions in advance:

What color do you think is most appropriate for your new logo?
✓ Do you want a cleaner or more ornamental logo design?
✓ In which field of activity (will) your company operate?
✓ What is the target group of the customers of your products (luxury or mass goods/services)?
✓ Do you want the trademark to emphasize the regional nature of your products or services?

It is good to send us the logos of your competitors. It is possible to design a trademark that reminds you of your competitor, so it is good to be aware of them. On the other hand, it will be useful for us to send us the logos you like. This way we will find out what your taste is and what trademark will be most suitable for you. After all, the most important thing is that you like your new logo.

Who is going to do my logo design?

Our company employs three certified designers/artists. All three have over 20 years of experience as graphic designers. They are the authors of many of the trademarks of companies and institutions in Bulgaria. We do not use automated web systems for logo design. Each design is a product of an individual approach.

How many logo variants will I receive?

The logo design is made by a professional designer/artist. In each assignment, he understands the meaning of the business or product/service. He then explores a few ideas and presents the best to the client. If he makes 2 or 3 variants of a logo that he likes, then he presents them all.
If the customer is dissatisfied or has remarks about the trademark, the design continues until its final approval.
Our many years of experience show that in over 90% of cases the first option is the one that remains final. We are far from the companies that offer, for example, 3 variants for X BGN, each following for Y BGN, and simply choose several variants of fonts for the logos.

What files will I receive with the logo design?

When designing a trademark, we provide customers with the design in the most popular digital formats. First of all, we send the logo in the most used JPG format, which is suitable for web applications, insertion into word processing, and presentation programs. The other logo design formats are EPS, CDR, and PDF. They are now vector-based, suitable for all possible applications – from cutting inscriptions from PVC film, through embroidery, and making letters and plates.

Gallery of logo designs

Check out gallery with completed logo design projects.