The name of ShiDo fitness is inspired by the Japanese and means a path of honor/samurai path. Their team of professionals aims to provide a quality training program that will bring balance to your daily life. The hall has equipment of the highest class and the total area is more than 700 m2. The center offers the first free workout for anyone who wants to start a change in their lives.

Wrapping lockers Shido fitness, Sofia

The management of ShiDo turned to Media Design Advertising Agency to create a creative design in the site that fits into the atmosphere.

The design of the lockers includes various messages and inscriptions to motivate the clients of the fitness center even before they start their training. Captivating and memorable, tailored wardrobes are an excellent example of how it is now easier to combine your branding and design in one!

3M deep matte laminate with velvety texture was used for the implementation of this project. In this way, in addition to an interesting print, the created vision impresses with a touch.

Unlimited possibilities for wrapping furniture with films

Nowadays, wrapping doors, walls, and furniture with the self-adhesive film is a more profitable and easy option to change. This gives you the opportunity to change the look of your home, site, or office with each new trend. Quickly, cleanly and easily, you can breathe life into old furniture, turning it into an occasion for admiration.

Client:  Shido fitness

Date: August 2020

Warranty: 3 years

City: Plovdiv