RIR is an international agency for personnel selection. Their team of professionals has experience in the provision of full time, temporary, permanent, and seasonal personnel to our customers, which operate in a variety of business sectors, such as: Information Technologies (IT), Construction, Outsourcing, Hospitality, Accountancy, F&B, Marketing, etc. They trusted Media Design to wrap part of their office with self-adhesive vinyl film.

Wrapping furniture with high quality film.

We used high quality vinyl for furniture, doors and walls, created with excellent resistance to UV rays, moisture, dust and high durability. We wrapped the reception desk in the Radioactive office. The final textured matte look contrasts with the original look

We also transformed the table, from simple white to beautiful marble. The specific decorative self-adhesive film can also be used for wet rooms due to its resistance to moisture. That was the reason we put a piece of the same vinyl in the kitchen. Another benefit is that the wall is protected from water splashes and dirt.

Give old furniture a second chance

Why buy new furniture in a few years, when you have the opportunity to breathe more life into the old ones? Easy, affordable and with unlimited possibilities in the color range and textures. In addition to saving money, you will be able to successfully decorate your office or home, creating a unique and stylish look.

Client:  Radioactive International Recruitment (RIR)

Date:  August 2019

Warranty: 3 years

City: Sofia