For the new Jumbo store at Mall Plovdiv Plaza, we executed various promotional products to ensure a bright and impactful presentation of everyone’s favorite shopping brand for children’s toys and home products. One of the challenges in branding Jumbo was wrapping part of the walls with promotional film advertisements.

Catchy pictures brought the store’s walls to life

We recreated the playful design of the graphics for Jumbo in a film advertisement, which our professionals applied to the store walls. In this project, we utilized calendered polymer printing film 3M Scotchcal IJ35, ensuring high-quality full-color printing for an attractive and presentable advertising appearance. To enhance the durability of the graphics, we applied the corresponding matte laminate, providing a subtle and elegant finish.

To get top-notch print quality, you need the right technique. At Media Design, our last generation printers make advertising graphics look amazing. The colors are vibrant and intense, grabbing attention. We use vinyl films 3M, a global leader, and their approved printers, ensuring a comprehensive warranty for finished graphics – the 3M MCS Warranty. Being a 3M Authorized Manufacturer for years, we assure our customers that they’re getting the latest and best advertising.

Client: JUMBO

Date: October 2023 

Warranty: 2 years

City: Plovdiv