Advertising agency Media Design implemented a project for wrapping doors in a private home on behalf of a client. Our professionals wrapped two doors with self-adhesive film, completely changing their appearance. We used a high class product, which in addition to an elegant look, guarantees durability and strength.

New furniture or self-adhesive film?

The installation of self-adhesive film can transform any piece of furniture like brand new. What’s more, it’s faster, easier and cleaner. At the same time, it is a cheaper option that saves you a lot of money for furnishing or repainting.

The quality materials we work with perfectly decorate any interior – walls, ceilings, columns, doors, elevators and more. They have high water resistance, which means that they do not break or peel off when cleaned.

Types of decorative self-adhesive film

Our team has many years of experience in wrapping doors, walls and furniture with self-adhesive film. We offer a wide range of colors and textures, even imitations of natural materials such as wood, metal, stone and leather, to create an interesting and authentic accent in your office or home.

Client: Private

Date: April 2021

Warranty: 2 years

City: Plovdiv