This project is proof of how easily and quickly you can create a new interior design in your home or office. Our professionals wrapped the wall with self-adhesive film at the request of a client. In the video, you can witness the complete change.

Wrapping doors, walls and furniture – why?

Each of your interior ideas can be turned into reality by wrapping doors, walls, and furniture with self-adhesive film. The process is faster and more profitable compared to buying new furniture and installing it. In this way, you can breathe new life into old furniture and at the same time advertise your business.

Ideas and realization

Whether it is a complete or partial wrapping, the experienced specialists of Advertising Agency Media Design will make sure that the new design of your office looks representative and reflects your business as much as possible. We have a wide range of colors, and the textures perfectly mimic wood, stone, leather, and even marble.

Client: –

Date: August 2020

Warranty: –

City: Plovdiv