The Gardenia Antana brand holds a prominent position in the Bulgarian market for agricultural machinery. The showroom, located at 242 Vasil Levski Street in Plovdiv, offers an extensive selection of the company’s products, as well as consumables and accessories for the machinery. Here, customers can find a diverse range of items including cultivators, tillers, engines, pumps, lawn mowers, trimmers, and various other farm and garden equipment. Furthermore, apart from catering to the agricultural sector, the company also meets the equipment, hose, and device requirements of enterprises operating in the food, light, and heavy industries.

At Media Design, we took charge of branding the showroom with outdoor advertising. This involved the installation of signs with illuminated channel letters and the application of advertising film graphics to the window facade. Through our efforts, we aimed to enhance the visibility and attractiveness of the Gardenia Antana showroom, ensuring that it stands out and effectively communicates the brand’s offerings to potential customers.

Two signs with illuminated Gardenia letters highlighted the store

We designed and produced two Etalbond signs for the Gardenia showroom, featuring illuminated channel letters with the Gardenia logo. These signs were strategically mounted on the building facade, positioned above the two entrances. Additionally, we incorporated the smaller “Antana” lettering, made of 3M Scotchcal film, which remains non-illuminated. The signs were created in line with the logo’s colors, ensuring consistency and reinforcing the company’s identity and recognizability. To further enhance the overall branding, we covered the entire glass facade with film promotional graphics.

Our use of high-quality materials enabled us to replicate the logo accurately, resulting in signs that exude a presentable and stylish appearance. The signs also boast exceptional durability and strength. For the illumination of the acrylic channel letters, we opted for G.O.Q. LEDs, renowned for their superior quality and performance. These LED modules ensure that the illuminated advertisements are bright and highly effective in capturing attention and conveying the desired message.

Client: Gardenia Antana

Date: September 2019

Warranty: 3 years

City: Plovdiv