Elegant and alluring advertising signs!

We are all used to advertising signs with which many brands advertise their stores, offices, restaurants, etc., to be a little “boring”. In most cases, they are previously manufactured and ready to be mounted on the facade of the building. This production technology is often used for large companies with a certain and already established corporate identity.

To only way to change this is to create a new, modern appearance of the ads. This is exactly what we did for the branding of Bar&Dinner Dari. Elegant and simple design – aluminum sign systems with a vinyl banner. This ad is proof that innovative ideas lead to great results.

Escape from traditional advertising

Maybe you were all expecting to see a cold, foamy beer with a steamy bottle, but that is not the case! Here the design is simple – the logo and the name of the company speak for themselves. In this project, the lighting stands out more than anything!

We used a new illumination technology. The powerful G.O.Q. LED diodes create an attractive reflection on the acrylic surface. The result is alluring illumination that represents the so-called “waterfall” effect. To achieve this we mounted the high-quality G.O.Q. LED Hi-Power modules. In addition, they ensure lasting and cost-effective advertising installation.

Client:  Bar&Grill Dari

Date:  June 2013

Warranty: 3 years

Location: Plovdiv