TOP Market Pazardzhik – supermarket branding with fabric sign

For the supermarket TOP Market in Pazardjik we manufactured an elegant non-illuminated plate with aluminum profile and a flexible substrate with full-color print. A special profile is used for fabric signs and, with the help of special clamps, it stretches the flexible substrate to the maximum. The face of a sign looks perfectly smooth, imitating sheet material, such as acrylic. In the particular branding project of the TOP Market Supermarket, the size of the sign requires this system in order to keep whole the face of the sign and to guarantee the long life cycle.

In practice, aluminum and fabric can make signs with unlimited size and a non-standard form, such as the TOP Market. The cost of production of such large fabric sign is very cost-effective and is justified by the durability and performance quality.

Easy change of advertising visions

When branding a supermarket, fabric signs are often put on big brands that are often replacing them with new ones. The system we used for TOP Market – with aluminum and fabric, allows easy and fast change of advertising vision (fabric), and on the spot. It is not necessary to remove the plate and this makes it extremely easy for clients who need more often fabric change.

If TOP Market has to completely change its Kamenitsa brand vision, the process of replacement will be extremely fast. It does not require disassembly of the signboard and this can be a relief for the clients.

Store window graphics with advertising film

In order to get the shop a complete and finished vision, we have applied cut film and printed perfo foil on the windows and the storefront. Combined with the stylish aluminum profile sign, it is a great combination for supermarket branding.

Client:  TOP Market

Date:  November 2014

Warranty : 2 years

Location: Pazardzhik