Advertising agency Media Design produces a wide range of Plexiglas products. The entire process of making plexiglass products complies with the standards and requirements for this production, thanks to a specialized workshop and a team of experienced professionals.

Onyx Club entrusted us to create an attractive product to delight their customers at their celebrations.

We only make the illuminated club cakes in one specific size with four floors. The dimensions of each floor from bottom to top are as follows – floor 1 (diameter 60 cm), floor 2 (diameter 45 cm), floor 3 (diameter 35 cm) and floor 4 (diameter 25 cm). Each floor is 20 cm high.

Illuminated acrylic cake

The interesting product is made of plexiglass, which is covered with high-quality PVC film in two colors. It is lightweight and does not pose any difficulty in carrying. It is equipped with quality and durable G.O.Q LED modules. They have a Samsung chip, and their technology itself fits any type of promotional item. The Korean manufacturer emphasizes the safety and durability of LEDs, making them a strong ally in advertising.

Be creative in your business

Acrylic glass (Plexiglass) is a promising material with many potential applications. It can be used to realize a variety of complex projects for advertising products such as: product shelves, brochure displays, donation boxes, room numbers, information signs, badges, jewelry boxes, and others. Thanks to the wide selection of colors, it is possible to recreate even luxury products, with which you can effectively present your business.

Client: Onyx Club

Date: June 2022

Warranty: 1 year

City: Plovdiv