VIA Offices is a newly built high-class office building that offers you the opportunity to set up a modern office for your business. It was designed in order to satisfy the highest requirements for functionality and representativeness of its customers. Via Offices chose Advertising Agency Media Design for the construction of visual communication in the building. Part of the products created for them is an informational signs.

Acrylic informational sign for Via Offices

The informational sign Media Design Advertising Agency’s team made for Via Offices, is composed of a one Plexiglas sign with embossed letters Via Offices and 16 signs of 8mm Plexiglas, wrapped with PVC film with matting effect. They are also colored PVC film inscriptions. They will aim to designate the offices on the floors of the building.

This type of plexiglass sign has a key role in building visual communication in the site. Employees and visitors to the building will be able to quickly and efficiently navigate the location of the offices. Another main advantage of interior boards and signs is that they create a finished look to any building, and this complements the company image.

Types of interior signs

Products such as interior signs can be created from plexiglass, glass, ceramic and even PVC. They can be engraved and laser cut. Advertising agency Media Design also offers production from metals such as gold and stainless steel. We can even combine two different materials to get the result you want.

Our experienced team will help you choose the most suitable places for the construction of visual communication, and then we will produce products that emphasize your business.

Client:  Via Offices

Date: june 2022

Warranty: 3 years

City: Plovdiv