We recently completed a project to create a custom acrylic club cake for Dock 5 Nightclub, specifically designed to enhance birthday parties. The cake’s design incorporates the club’s logo and caters to customer preferences.

Dock 5 is the latest sensation in nighttime entertainment in the seaside town of Burgas. Situated on the harbor at the location of dock 5, the club derives its name from its surroundings. With a capacity exceeding 700 people, enormous multimedia screens, top-of-the-line sound and lighting systems, and performances by popular Bulgarian and Balkan stars, this establishment attracts nightlife enthusiasts.

An illuminated club cake with the logo of the Dock 5 welcomes birthday people

The cake is constructed entirely of acrylic and coated with a durable, golden-colored self-adhesive film. Two of the tiers bear the inscription “Happy Birthday,” while the remaining two display the club’s logo and the branding of the beverages it offers. This acrylic product is designed for effortless portability, boasting a lightweight structure and dimensions that prioritize staff convenience. The cake with LED lighting sets the mood and captivates with its appealing appearance. It has become a trending choice among nightclubs, with an increasing number of clubs incorporating it into their marketing strategies.

Why should you order an acrylic club cake?

This custom product is essential for creating an impressive and visually striking presentation. Media Design operates a specialized workshop dedicated to working with plexiglass and employs experienced professionals, enabling us to offer unique advertising products tailored to your requirements and business needs.

Our illuminated acrylic cakes for clubs are produced in a specific size, differing only in terms of advertising inscriptions and appearance. They are crafted with four tiers, each measuring 20 cm in height, and with bottom-to-top circle diameters of 60 cm, 45 cm, 35 cm, and 25 cm, respectively. Every cake includes a switch to control the illumination, allowing you to turn it on and off as desired.

Client: Dock 5 Night Club

Date: May 2023

Warranty: 1 year

City: Burgas