For years, we have been producing acrylic products for different applications based on custom projects. Thanks to our extensive experience with the material and our specialized workshop fully equipped for acrylic processing, we can create spectacular and unconventional products that promote various industries.

Recently, it has become fashionable in many nightclubs to use an acrylic cake to celebrate customers’ birthdays. The entertainment industry is all about being unique and impressing customers with attractive and non-standard programs. Therefore, The Corner Live Club in Sunny Beach has asked us to create a special branded cake for the club with their logo.

We produce illuminated acrylic cakes in a specific size of four tiers, each level being 20 cm tall. The cake has a diameter of 25 cm, 35 cm, 45 cm, and 60 cm from the top tier to the bottom tier, respectively.

A “Happy Birthday” club cake sets the mood for celebration

We created a custom illuminated cake for The Corner Live Club that recreates the club’s logo and colors. The cake has four levels and is made entirely of acrylic wrapped with high-quality film. The stylish club cake is designed to be easily hand-carried by staff and despite its size, it is light and easy to serve.

The Corner Live Club advertising cake with premium LED lighting

For a more impressive effect, the cake for the club is illuminated. We used the Korean LED modules G.O.Q. LED with Samsung chip, which has proven itself as the leading lighting technology for advertisements, because of its reliability, durability and efficiency. With these LED modules, the illuminated acrylic cake is completely safe.

The plexiglass advertising product for the club in Sunny Beach will bring a lot of mood to all visitors. This gesture from the establishment will make an impression and support the image of a modern and turnover club.

Client: The Corner Live Club

Date: March 2023

Warranty: 1 year

City: Sunny beach