Goa Premium Club is a modern night club in Blagoevgrad, offering a premium atmosphere, first-class service, and plenty of entertainment for unforgettable experience. As a favorite among nightlife venues in the city, the club turned to us to create an illuminated acrylic cake as an attraction for birthdays.

We craft illuminated acrylic cakes for establishments in a specific size, with only the advertising letterings and appearance varying. We make them in four tiers, each with a height of 20 cm and a diameter of the circle from bottom to top: 60 cm, 45 cm, 35 cm, and 25 cm. Each cake has a button for turning the lighting on and off.

The acrylic cake with LEDs will elevate the atmosphere in the club

Illuminated plexiglass cakes for clubs are a big hit for nightlife venues. Many of them use these cakes to attractively showcase the club to visitors – as an image and marketing tool. Now, Goa Premium Club has acquired such a plexiglass product to bring a festive mood to birthday celebrations and elevate the atmosphere in the club. The acrylic cake is adorned with PVC film stickers with the inscription ‘Happy Birthday’ and the establishment’s name and logo. We carefully selected the appropriate size for the illuminated cake to make it lightweight and easy to carry. With this stunning illuminated acrylic advertisement, Goa Premium Club will infuse with emotions every special occasion.

Client: Goa Premium Club

Date: February 2024

Warranty: 1 year

City: Blagoevgrad