Date: March 2020

Type: Adverts from acrylic

City: Plovdiv

We at advertising agency Media Design focused on serious resources for safety screens and covers, because of the recent events of the last days. We know that at times like this, it is crucial for you to protect your customers and employees at your business place. We believe that by working together we can overcome all difficulties.

Installing “safety covers” in stores is extremely important. That way, the customers are calm and safe, as are the all employees and staff. By using safety screens (covers), you can protect your workplace from viruses, thefts and various actions from offenders. Furthermore, we recommend that you regularly wash your hands to protect your health and that of the one’s you love.

If you also need such a protective screen, do not hesitate to contact us at phone: 0896701600

Advertising agency Media Design designed, developed and mounted safety materials in case of viruses (COVID-19) , thefts, bandits and any abuse. You can use them in shops, offices, pharmacies, hotel receptions and other public buildings.

See how we mounted the safety covers, which we designed and placed in one of the supermarkets of T-MARKET in the fight with coronavirus.